A Conversation With Tucker Carlson On Protests, The American Right, And Elite Leftists


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Fox News host Tucker Carlson joins Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford to discuss his historic ratings surge and why he’s resonating with the public right now. Carlson shares his thoughts on recent cultural upheaval, elites, riots, vandalism, the state of the American right, and answers the $1,000,000 question: What does Tucker Carlson want?

Carlson calls on Republicans who are elected to congress and those who run right-wing think tanks to step up and represent the values of their voters. While the left runs nearly every institution in American social and political life, republicans consistently fail their voters by not acting.

“Clearly republicans allowed all this to happen. They focused all their energy on lower tax rates, which by the way can be changed with a single vote…Talk about wasted time,” he said. “What they should have been doing is keeping a very close eye on the society itself and how their voters we’re doing and how Americans were doing.”

Listen here:

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