Abe Greenwald On The Left-Wing Media’s Role In Protests, COVID-19, And Police Reform


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Commentary Magazine’s Executive Editor Abe Greenwald joins The Federalist’s New York Correspondent David Marcus to discuss the meaning of the national re-examination of the historical value of monuments amid their destruction, the left-wing media’s handling of COVID-19 and President Trump, and New York’s policing practices.

Greenwald argues the left’s actions have become so separated from their longstanding goals that they are actually advocating for the opposite of their former aim. Their goal is to now upend the American way of life and replace it with something completely different. This is most obvious, Greenwald said, in the change in demands regarding police reform.

“From the ’60s well into the ’80s, the complaint about racism — and it was valid — was that police racism was expressed by virtue of the fact that they didn’t police minority neighborhoods…” he said. “So that was corrected. And now we’re going to go back to that.”

Listen Here:

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