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After Three Decades a University of Arkansas Professor is Brought to Justice…He’s Been Working for China

China has been popping frequently in the news these days as their network of spies residing in the U.S. is under close scrutiny by government officials.

In addition to spying, other fraudulent activities by people with close ties to the communist nation are on the rise. These people are embedded in American society and many times the crimes are being committed by people who no one would ever expect.

Some of them hold honorable positions and are well-respected by their peers, while others operate behind the scenes, under a shadow of darkness. But have no doubt, they are here, and they are living among us.

Simon Saw-Teong Ang is a professor and researcher at the University Arkansas where he has worked since 1988. The 63-year-old Malaysian-born was also appointed as the director of the university’s High-Density Electronics Center. Or rather, he used to hold these positions.

With a career spanning 32 years, he would hardly be suspected of any foul play by the University’s staff or the students he has taught for over three decades. But there was much about the man nobody knew or realized.

Ang was recently convicted by Arkansas federal grand on multiple charges. These charges included wire and passport fraud. Ang was assisting the Chinese government in illegally bringing their network of underworld thugs into the U.S.

All total, Ang was convicted of two counts of passport fraud and 43 counts of wire fraud. He was also found guilty of failing to disclose his close ties with China and Chinese based companies.

In a Department of Justice press release, U.S. Assistant Attorney General for National Security, John C. Demers, made the following statement.

“This is a hallmark of China’s targeting of research and academic collaborations within the United States in order to obtain U.S. technology illegally.”

Ang was found guilty of defrauding UA, NASA, and the USAF. He deceivingly omitted references to “talent plan awards, money, and property,” which he received from Beijing, and for his unreported affiliation, employment, and even his ownership of a slew of Chinese companies on his research proposals sent to NASA and USAF. On his annual conflict of interest form, which is a UA requirement, he nary breathed a word about his affiliations.

The Chinese government, for many years, has aimed their recruitment propaganda at foreigners residing in the U.S. who hold positions that could prove beneficial to them.

Since 2017, the Chinese have been successful in recruiting over 7000 U.S. based scientists and researchers to join their cause. Ang was one of them.

It was also discovered that at one point Ang instructed researchers at the University who reported to him, to conduct research on behalf of the Chinese companies he was affiliated with, despite the fact he was being paid by the university, and various U.S. government agencies to work on their behalf.

This earned him the coveted Qilu Friendship Award from the Chinese government for his contributions to the Chinese economy and to their society as a whole.

Ang was also found guilty of falsifying information on his passport renewal. He falsely claimed he did not go by any other name than Simon Saw-Teong Ang. Upon investigation, it was discovered he also sometimes went by the name of Hong Sizhong when conducting business with his Chinese affiliates in order to cover his tracks.

Because of the seriousness of his crimes, Ang is facing a possible prison term of 20 years for each wire fraud conviction, along with 10 years for each passport violation. To put things in a better perspective, his sentence could equal 880 years, or if you prefer, a life sentence.

Our American government is not playing games with these infiltrators, and they shouldn’t. The Chinese have been heavily involved in election fraud, in addition to building China’s economy at the expense of the U.S., and thanks to Donald Trump, America is finally flushing these criminals out and coming down hard on them.

It should be expected that Ang will receive the full maximum penalty and will die in prison, as he should. Other culprits will soon be brought to justice and it will be interesting to see just who these folks are. Stay tuned…

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