Amber Heard Embarks on Media Attention Tour

Watching Amber Heard attempt to continue her lies publicly reminds me of Jussie Smollet’s outburst when being taken to jail by court bailiffs. Just like Smollett, Heard does not know when to quit.

Instead of lying low and trying to regain some semblance of a normal life and perhaps plan out how she’s going to provide for her family from here on out or even seek some therapy for the obvious psychological issues from which she suffers, Heard is doubling down on stupid and has launched a media attention tour. This is exactly what someone with borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder would do, however, and Heard was diagnosed with both by Dr. Shannon Curry who evaluated her for the trial.

This is classic attention-seeking behavior that people with those disorders cannot stop. Histrionic personality disorder is characterized by “discomfort in situations when one is not the center of attention,” among other things that Heard displays regularly. She continues to prove Dr. Curry right with every choice she makes.

Watch this compilation of Dr. Curry describing the personality disorders next to Heard’s testimony (if you can stand it).

While Heard famously said on the stand that she just wants Johnny to “leave her alone,” her actions belie that request. Here she is on the Today Show looking for more attention and continuing the ridiculous narrative that she’s a victim of everyone but herself. The full interview drops on Friday. This should be entertaining. For a person who says the social media scrutiny has been so terrible, why is she signing up for more?

In one clip Heard says, “You cannot tell me that you think that this has been fair.” Well, Amber, I could tell you that. You got what every litigant gets in court: a chance to have a jury of your peers hear and evaluate your evidence. They heard it. They thought you lied to them like everyone else who watched your performance from body language and behavior experts to lawyers to psychologists and more. The only people who believed you were journalists who didn’t watch the trial and who sell #MeToo narratives for a living.

This interview is just more proof that what Dr. Curry said about Heard is accurate. Curry said Heard “externalizes blame.” It’s always someone else’s fault. Here she is blaming “paid employees” of Depp’s when the witnesses against her also contained a former TMZ employee, four police officers, the owner of a campground, an airport employee, building security, Jennifer Howell, the head of DC content at Warner Brothers, Kate Moss, and others — none of whom are employed by Depp.

Heard is good at gaslighting. I expect some people will be taken in by this attention tour, especially if Savannah Guthrie doesn’t ask any hard questions — and she probably won’t — but here’s a good infographic to keep in front of you while watching this thing so you can remember how many lies this woman told under oath that were found to be total BS.

From lying about giving her divorce settlement to sick and dying children to lying about Kate Moss being pushed down the stairs by Depp, the lies are plentiful and Depp’s legal team debunked them with eyewitnesses and Heard’s own statements. And if you didn’t watch this trial, don’t even think about watching Heard’s interview. She will gaslight you into believing she’s a victim. Instead, go back and watch her cross-examinations.

I really didn’t think anyone would come along who could out-Smollett Smollett, but I was wrong. This woman deserves a prize for being the most shameless liar on the planet. Not even Smollett went on a media tour after being found guilty in court. Even he knew better than to do that.

Get help, Amber. 

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