Are Gas Prices the New COVID?

When it comes to politics, everything old eventually becomes new again. Beto O’Rourke is the “new JFK,” DeSantis is the “new Trump,” orange is the new black, vanilla is the new chocolate, and so on.

The reason for that is simple: trying something new is risky. Hence we have a remake of Top Gun and the fifth or sixth installment of dinosaurs brought back to life to eat a lot of people because humans are too stupid to realize they don’t belong in the 21st century.

We also react to a new crisis just like we reacted to an old crisis. The stratospheric rise in gas prices is a telling example that illustrates how our response to COVID-19 can be instructive in analyzing our response to high fuel prices.

Spectator USA:

Put simply: Biden can’t please anyone. No form of fossil fuel use is ever acceptable for green energy activists, and our nation’s energy companies won’t be able to keep up with demand with “an 80 percent reduction from nominated acreage” in federal drilling leases.

Biden’s dithering on energy production will bring about another Covid summer 2020. Back in March, an American Automobile Association (AAA) survey found “two-thirds of Americans felt gas prices were too expensive at $3.53 per gallon.” The average price for a gallon of gas has now topped $5.

That same survey also found, “If gas were to reach $5.00…three-quarters said they would need to adjust their lifestyle to offset the spike at the pump,” and 80 percent of those Americans said they would drive less.

The COVID summer of 2020 featured social isolation as businesses shuttered and restaurants and bars closed their doors. Supply chain disruptions were common. Oh, and remember the spike in violent crime when murder rates shot to levels not seen in 25 years?

It’s all coming back.

Social isolation? Check. Disrupted supply chain? Check. Crime spike? It’s coming: a Michigan police department announced it had exhausted its fuel funds and would be picking and choosing which calls to respond to in-person or over the phone. Patrolling will likely come to an end, too. A mobile healthcare provider in Fort Worth, Texas, told ABC how rising prices are “adversely affecting” emergency medical services (EMS), adding, “For rural EMS agencies that travel great distances, and have more challenging finances, the impact could be even greater.”

If first-responders are unable to travel to heart attacks, strokes, trauma victims, how many lives will be lost because Biden was more concerned with protecting the American burying beetle than American citizens?

In Biden’s universe, the American people are too stupid to make the connection between shutting down oil pipelines and preventing new oil and gas leases from being sold, and the logical, inevitable consequences of those actions: higher prices at the gas pump.

Biden, his allies on the left, and the American media have absolutely no respect for voters. It will cost them in November.

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