Bernie Sanders Campaign Vet Chuck Rocha On Why Woke Whites Alone Won’t Win The Latino Vote

Chuck Rocha, senior adviser on the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky on The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the behind-the-scenes of Bernie’s campaign, their successful Latino outreach strategy, and divides between the left and the right in both politics and culture.

Rocha’s forthcoming book its titled, “Tío Bernie,” which documents his own experience on the campaign as well as the campaign’s Latino outreach program he orchestrated, like taking on the Las Vegas Culinary Union and winning 73% of the Latino vote in Nevada.

Rocha explained the importance of allowing working class minorities to get a foot in the door in politics if future campaigns want to grow minority outreach.

“There are amazing progressives of color who just got elected in this last primary…black and brown and gay and women who are running for office who are upsetting the apple cart much like AOC did. Well, even those consultants are the same white, establishment, left-wing consultants in our world,” he said. “Not that they’re racist. They’re not racist at all, they’re just a bunch of well-meaning, woke white folks.”


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