Biden Adds a ‘Karen’ to His List of VP Choices

Typically, when an election is underway, as time dwindles, the candidates become fewer and fewer, such as 2020’s Democratic presidential primary.

However, as the assumed nominee for his party, Joe Biden is adding, not subtracting names from his shortlist for VP. And the newest addition is a Karen…

And I mean literally.

News has broken that Representative Karen Bass of California has been asked to join the vetting process for vice president. And so far, she checks all the right boxes.

Biden made it clear early on that no matter who he chose to be his second in command, it would be a woman, hoping to amass a great deal of support from that demographic. But American women are not the only group he struggles in gaining backing. As an older white male, many have pushed the former vice president to choose a woman of color to offset or compliment him and his would-be office the best.

And now, after the tragic death of George Floyd and the civil unrest that seems to have taken over our nation as a result, there is even more of a push for this idea. In fact, Minnesota Senator and the former presidential candidate herself, Amy Klobuchar, actually bowed out of Biden’s vetting process last week for this very same reason.

Klobuchar left the race, noting that she believes that right now is the time for a “woman of color” to be on the ticket.

While this doesn’t bode well for VP candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, it gives those like Senator Kamala Harris, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, and Representative Val Demings an even better shot. That is if the list is to be subtracted from and not added to.

Which brings us back to Bass.

Like the women listed above, Bass is also “of color” and, in fact, is the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. Thus, she could hold considerable sway over the black community that Biden needs so desperately to have in his pocket. Bass is currently serving her fifth term in Congress and served as the speaker for the California Assembly before that.

But she also has experience in healthcare, as a physician assistant, which considering the current times and the novel coronavirus pandemic that drags on, could come in quite handy should she be chosen.

Another thing going for Bass is her semi-centrist views. She, unlike Harris, has many more opinions in common with Biden, including the idea that police should be reformed and not necessarily “defunded.”

She has said that “Defund the Police” isn’t a great slogan and that they should instead be focusing on serious reform. And in all seriousness, it is this very idea and her current pushing in Congress for such a bill that likely brought her name to Biden’s attention.

And compared to Harris and Demings, Bass’s past experiences lead her to be a bit more objective about the topic. Harris, as San Francisco’s District Attorney and then California’s Attorney General, has quite the history of letting law enforcement off the hook.

And Demings, well, she was law enforcement, first as an officer herself and then moving up to become Orlando, Florida’s first woman Chief of Police.

However, unlike Demings, Harris, Lance Bottoms, and even Rice, age is not on Bass’s side. She is 66, and while that’s certainly not too old for the position, it will no doubt be looked at carefully.

It has been said on numerous occasions that if Biden is to be successful in the White House, he will need someone at his side who is considerably younger and able to handle to the stress and the significant mental demands of the job better than the quickly-aging and already dementia prone 77-year-old nominee.

Biden himself has even stated that his choice would need to be ready to take over as Commander in Chief immediately. Now, I’m not saying that Bass couldn’t do that. But the odds of someone like Harris or Lance Bottoms being able to do so is much better.

Another thing to note is that while Bass is a “woman of color” and so might add both women and black voters to Biden’s side, the former VP needs to gain ground in basically any state besides the coastal ones. And Bass, like Harris, is from California, which Biden already has support from.

Needless to say, his choice will not be an easy one, regardless of the demands of the woke social mob he seems obsessed with pandering to.

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