Biden Advisor Said ‘Fear Epidemic’ Was a Bigger Threat Than COVID-19

Joe Biden predictably pounced on the Bob Woodward revelations from Wednesday, blaming Trump for America’s COVID-19 deaths and making the bizarre claim that “If Donald Trump had acted just two weeks earlier, 54,000 lives could have been spared in March and April alone,” despite the fact that Trump was doing exactly what government experts like Dr. Fauci were recommending.

But Joe Biden’s politicized rhetoric doesn’t match his own actions and statements. Joe Biden held eight rallies in March, the last one being the day before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11.

But Biden’s hypocrisy goes even deeper. At the same time Trump was “downplaying” the coronavirus, Biden accused Trump of “fearmongering” with his China travel ban, which was implemented on January 31.

Two weeks after Trump’s China travel ban was put in place, Ron Klain, Barack Obama’s former Ebola czar who is currently advising the Biden campaign, said that we didn’t have a COVID-19 epidemic in the United States, but a “fear epidemic,” and then praised New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose coronavirus response is now almost universally panned.

A couple of weeks later, Ron Klain encouraged Americans to go out and “buy a meal, go shopping” and lamented that people were afraid to do so because of “prejudice.”

Remember, Ron Klain is advising the campaign, and Joe Biden is now trying to rewrite history to suggest that he had been suggesting quicker action against the virus when no one, not the medical experts advising the White House, or his own advisor, was suggesting shutting down the country at that point. Biden’s rhetoric echoed that of Klain, who was more concerned about people being afraid than about the virus.