Biden Believes Japanese-American Internment During WWII is Being ‘Whitewashed’ in Schools

Joe Biden signed a bill on Monday that directed Congress to study the creation of an Asian-American history museum on the National Mall in Washington.

That’s not really controversial. There’s a museum honoring just about anything and everyone on the national mall, so why not Asian-Americans?

But during the signing ceremony, Joe Biden just couldn’t resist some racist pandering to the Asian-American community. He uttered the extraordinary untruth that the illegal and unconstitutional internment of Japanese Americans during World War II was being left untold in schools — “whitewashed,” he claimed.

New York Post:

“This year commemorates the 80th anniversary of the incarceration of 120,000 American citizens who were Japanese-American during World War II,” Biden said, “which included — and excuse my reference to two friends — it included a dear friend who as a child, the late Norm Mineta, who went on to serve — he was in those camps when he was a child — went on to serve in the United States Army and in Congress and the Cabinet.

“The commemoration [comes] at a time where there are those who seek to whitewash the history in our schools that took place,” the president added. “And I thank — excuse it again, in Senate language, a point of personal privilege — I want to thank my dear friend who’s not here, the late [Sen.] Danny Inouye, who taught me so much.”

To use a term that the president may have spoken at one time, it’s possible that Biden got his “colored folk” mixed up. He may have been thinking about schools being forbidden from teaching critical race theory, which, in a bit of irony lost on our doddering president, actually wanted to “whitewash” American history to reflect some racialist untruths that made our kids “oppressors.”

As it turns out, Japanese internment during the war was the most discussed subject in Asian-American curricula.

A study published in January by Sohyun An, a professor of elementary and early childhood education at Georgia’s Kennesaw State University, found the teaching of Japanese-American internment is required by the history standards of 25 of the 32 states that had specific Asian-American history requirements — the most common event specified.

In other states, it still might be taught even though it’s not specifically mentioned in state rules. For example, South Dakota standards refer to teaching of “the causes, events, and consequences of the Second World War, including issues at home and abroad.”

President Ronald Reagan signed bipartisan legislation in 1988 to give reparations of $20,000 each to surviving internees. Biden was one of four senators who didn’t cast a vote on the bill.

Oops! Guess it kind of slipped Joe’s mind that when it came to putting his vote where his mouth is, Sen. Biden was out to lunch.

It’s very disturbing how easy it is for Biden to lie. Even more disturbing is how easy it is for the media to ignore it. Trying to hide Biden’s infirmities while covering for his gaffes can’t go on forever but as long as it does, Biden and his allies will get a free pass.

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