Biden Needs His Family to Protect Him From The Media

Joe Biden once implied that Vladimir Putin didn’t want him to be president because Putin was afraid of him. Now, he needs his family to protect him from answering media questions.

On Monday, while Biden was on the latest of his many vacations, he stopped to talk to reporters during a morning stroll but was pulled away by his daughter and granddaughter.

This is not the first time during this vacation that his family had to rescue him either. On Friday, Jill Biden had to drag him away from reporters.

Biden has often relied on those close to him to protect him from embarrassing himself in front of the media. Back in April, the Easter Bunny infamously rescued Biden from answering the media’s questions during the White House Easter Egg Roll.

I guess after his tumble on his bicycle they really don’t want to risk him making a fool of himself again so soon.

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