Biden: Public Schools Will be Forced to Permit Biological Males On Female Sports Teams

Joe Biden is already trying to put men into the realm of women. His idol in life had allowed men into women restrooms so now Biden wants to duplicate everything and allow men to compete physically in women sports.

He aims to allow transgender men to beat up on biologically smaller girls. This agenda item of Biden’s is nothing more than an attempt to appeal to hateful people pushing their feminazi ideas on people that already tolerating the disfunction of human selfishness and warped thinking.

There is no debate that Joe Biden favors girls. His attention to them has earned him a reputation for that of a stalker. But no girl wants to be around the crazy lustful man. So, Biden has to venture out into the transgender world to fulfill his lust of women.

The fact that he needs votes of men that want to play with barbie dolls is a sign that he does not have what it takes to win the election in November. Biden’s crazy mind and destructive actions have pushed enough people away to the point that they do not want to vote for him.

He aims to pass an equality act that would essentially make it possible for men to beat up on women. The safety of women athletes is far from his mind as he is willing to allow males to play in a sport that they have no business being around in the first place.

The consequence of men playing women is that they give up certain things. They cannot play in sports and no one is going to take them seriously because they have gone off the deep end. And that drives them all crazy.

So, they try and force people to accept them as legitimate women. When in life they are men pretending to play the game house.

The sensual Democrats have already tried to pass The Equality Act in 2019, but it failed to gain support for a vote in the Senate. The Republicans know that it is unwise and extremely unsafe for men to play sports with the girls.

The girls are going to get hurt and destroyed. Which will only make things worse between people. November is a key election that has a lot of seats are up for a vote.

The media pushes that the Democrats have already won the House and the Senate but that is only wishful reporting. The Democrats are scared to death of losing big in November.

They have only squandered the time in the House and have not done one thing of substance to earn them the right to continue to have a majority in any branch of government.

Joe Biden maintains that there is “no room for compromise” as it relates to transgender issues. He is willing to go all-in and force people to accept the dangers of such a lifestyle.

Anyone that opposes such a view is branded as “transphobic” and labeled as a hateful person. Biden will see to it that such people are locked away in prison for their personal beliefs.

The Democrats are out to destroy America and divisive issues are the only thing they have left to fight with.

President Trump is the one person that is going to lead the fight for what is the right course of action to protect Americans. The size and strength of a male are a lot more than that of a woman.

Biden fails to recognize this issue. But President Trump knows this and is not going to let men take advantage of women in this fashion.

The media and the Democrats want people to believe that there is no such danger. But the truth is that transgender athletes have a huge advantage over others. They might as well legalize drug enhancers to make the playing field even.

To allow men into the women’s restroom and now into the female locker room is just brewing for trouble. They will be able to rape and assault women more freely than ever before if Joe Biden is elected president.

Biden is simply an injustice to all civil people living in the United States.

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