Boom! Armed Homeowner Lets Cuomo Have It…Cuomo Looks Like He’s Going to Cry

By now, I am sure that just about everyone has heard about the couple in St. Louis, Missouri, who defended their home and lives with firearms when a mob of “protesters” broke into their private gated community and trespassed on their property.

The incident has been all over news outlets nationwide. But while many would respect the man for merely defending his own, it would seem that CNN host Chris Cuomo does anything but.

On Tuesday, the homeowner, Mark McCloskey, appeared on CNN with his lawyer to speak to Cuomo about the incident and the aftermath that has ensued since then.

And as is typical of the younger famous Cuomo brother, Chris became combative, insisting that McCloskey had no such right to hold an AR-15 on his lawn, while his wife held a handgun.

Cuomo’s argument was basically that, since nothing happened, no damage was actually done, McCloskey had gone far overboard in his reaction and only served to display the systematic racism that he claims pervades this nation.

He even went as far as to say that McCloskey had played right into the hand of the racist and white supremacy loving President Donald Trump.

However, if Cuomo thought he was going to get away with his ignorant comments, he had another thing coming.

Cuomo, after maneuvering around what he called the “legal rights and the facts,” asked McCloskey, “How do you feel about becoming the face of political resistance the Black Lives Matter movement?”

But McCloskey, who is a successful lawyer in his own right, wasn’t about to let this assumption slide.

He told the CNN host, “First of all, that’s a completely ridiculous statement. I’m not the face of anything opposing the Black Lives Matter movement. I was a person scared for my life, who was protecting my wife, my home, my hearth, my livelihood. I was a victim of a mob that came through the gate. I didn’t care what color they were. I didn’t care what their motivation was. I was frightened. I was assaulted. And I was in imminent fear that they would run me over, kill me, burn my house.”

If you are unfamiliar with the details of this incident, police reported that McCloskey and his family were having dinner outside on Sunday when a mob a couple hundred suddenly broke through and destroyed the historical community gate nearby their home.

After sending the children inside, the McCloskey couple advised the crowd that the entire community was private property, including the streets, and therefore they were breaking the law.

The police report and videos show that it was at this point that the group of so-called protesters then became enraged, hurling obscenities and even threats at the couple.

One person said they were going to kill the entire family, burn home, and even murder their pets. It was also noted that quite a few members of the crowd were armed and held weapons.

Naturally, the McCloskeys were in fear of their very lives. And so in response, they ran inside to retrieve weapons of their own.

As McCloskey told Cuomo, “A guy stands in front of me, pulls out two pistol magazines, snaps them in front of my face, and says, ‘You’re next.’ If you were there, Chris, I think you’d feel the right to defend yourself, as well.”

Damn right, he would. Anyone in their right mind would, especially in light of all the chaos and violence that happened as of late.

As McCloskey so poignantly pointed out to Cuomo, it was in the same city, mere miles from McCloskey’s home, that retired police Captain David Dorn, a black man, was shot and killed by rioters just weeks earlier.

So yeah, McCloskey and his family were on edge and frightened. And they had every right to defend themselves.

Missouri employs a “castle doctrine,” which basically states that the use of deadly force, such as wielding a firearm, is legal to defend your home, family, or property.

After all, if the police are being defunded and disbanded, who else is going to do it?

And if Cuomo thinks this was a political move in the slightest, I’d like to know how we would react when an arrived crowd arrives on his lawn in the Hamptons, threatening his family and livelihood.

What an absolute idiot. Maybe the cancel culture of the left can oust this reporter and do us all a favor, as it appears he is too biased to see his own stupidity.

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