BREAKING: Man Suspected of Gunning Down Trump Supporter in Portland Is Killed When Marshals Try to Arrest Him

The man who appears to have admitted to shooting and killing a supporter of Donald Trump in Portland on Saturday was killed Thursday night as U.S. Marshals moved in to arrest him.

The New York Times and other outlets now report that Michael Reinoehl, an avowed supporter of antifa, was shot in Lacey, Washington, a town near the capital of Olympia.

The Times reported:

The officials said the suspect, Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was killed during the encounter in Lacey, Wash., southwest of Seattle, when a federal fugitive task force moved to apprehend him.

An arrest warrant had been issued by the Portland police earlier Thursday, on the same day that Vice News published an interview with Mr. Reinoehl in which he appeared to admit to the shooting, saying, “I had no choice.”

His connections with antifa were well known. He acted as antifa “security” at several protests and was apparently working in that capacity when he took it upon himself to “execute” Danielson, as the Trump supporter’s friend, an eyewitness, put it.

In an interview published by Vice News, Reinoehl all but admitted to carrying out the shooting. He claims that his friend, a person “of color,” was being threatened by the victim of the shooting, Aaron “Jay” Danielson, in downtown Portland.

The suspect in the shooting was known to bring his kids with him to riots and demonstrations. He was arrested multiple times, recently for bringing a loaded gun to a riot. He was let go on his own recognizance by Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt and his underlings who have begun a new, liberal policy of releasing antifa and Black Lives Matter, Inc(TM) rioters, instead of prosecuting many of them.

People who were friends of the murder victim were angered that Reinoehl was out doing interviews with reporters instead of walking a jail cell.

Thursday night, federal marshals caught up with him.

More information will be added as it becomes available.

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