BREAKING: Trump to Return to Social Media With His Own Platform Soon

President Trump, who has been banned from Facebook and Twitter, will be returning to social media within the next few months, one of his senior advisors told Fox News on Sunday.

Trump’s 2020 campaign spokesman Jason Miller said that Trump will be returning to social media with a new platform and that it will “completely redefine the game,” and is expected to attract “tens of millions” of new users.

In the wake of the January 6 Capitol riot, Twitter and Facebook banned Trump from their platforms. Alternative social media site Parler, which was accused of enabling planning for the riots, was kicked off of its web hosting and booted from Google’s and Apple’s app stores. After weeks of being shut down, Parler has since returned online. Gab, a free-speech alternative to Twitter that doesn’t rely on Big Tech for hosting or app store access, experienced incredible growth in the wake of Trump getting banned from Twitter and Facebook.

No more details have been released about this platform, how it will be hosted, or whether it is expected to have apps hosted at the Google and Apple app stores. Given the coordinated anti-Trump efforts of Big Tech in the wake of the Capitol riot it seems unlikely Trump’s alternative platform will be able to rely on left-wing big tech.

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