British Mega-Band Drops Anti-Authoritarian Anthem, and It Is an Absolute Banger

It’s been a while since a song gave me goosebumps and quite some time since I had to play it on repeat at full volume. British mega-band Muse just dropped a few singles ahead of their upcoming album, and I can’t stop cranking “Compliance.”

The lyrics perfectly describe the globalist elites who can tell their COVID-19 grip on people is starting to slip, and who deliberately pitch governments from one crisis to another in order to build and keep control. From the opening chorus, the themes are recognizable and chilling:

We just need your compliance
You will feel no pain anymore
And no more defiance…
Just give us your compliance
We won’t let you feel lost anymore
No more self-reliance

The verses include elaborations such as:

Fall into line, you will do as you’re told
No choice fatigue, your blood is running cold
We lose control, the world will fall apart…
Life lived in fear, you need protection
You’re all alone, too much rejection
We have what you need, just reach out and touch
We can save you (Save you), we just need your compliance
we know what’s best for you…
You’re running scared, you’ll run into our arms
Come join our clique, we’ll keep you safe from harm

There’s a shout-out to the brownshirts in Antifa, BLM, Ruth Sent Us, and other radical action groups:

Our toy soldier, you’ll do the dirty work
Stay loyal to us, we’ll take away the hurt
We have what you need, just reach out and touch
We can save you…

Musically, this song is destined to go as viral as a Fauci-funded novel virus engineered in a Wuhan lab. The chorus is an irresistible earwig, and it’s backed up by catchy composition and clean techno-pop-punk production. Although “soaring vocals” has become a cliché, there’s never been any other way to describe Matt Bellamy’s vocals, and “Compliance” is no exception.

Best of all, the sound of pure inspiration comes through loud and clear, suggesting there is a true zeitgeist afoot: are younger, Marxism-indoctrinated people finally realizing they’re being stampeded off the cliff of socialism?

This song is perhaps the best anti-authoritarian rocker dropped this year, but don’t get your hopes up that Muse is fully red-pilled. “Compliance” is a pre-release track off Muse’s upcoming album, Will of the People. The band discussed the inspiration behind Will on their website:

“Will Of The People was created in Los Angeles and London and is influenced by the increasing uncertainty and instability in the world. A pandemic, new wars in Europe, massive protests & riots, an attempted insurrection,” [See what I mean?] “Western democracy wavering, rising authoritarianism, wildfires and natural disasters and the destabilization of the global order” [as if that’s a bad thing] “all informed Will Of The People.”

But then Muse mentions a concern we conservatives have had for several decades now:

“It has been a worrying and scary time for all of us as the Western empire and the natural world, which have cradled us for so long are genuinely threatened. This album is a personal navigation through those fears and preparation for what comes next.” [emphasis added]

The band is still working it out, but it sounds like they’re at least aware they’re being sold a bill of goods:

“’Compliance’ is about the promise of safety and reassurance sold to us by powerful entities during times of vulnerability. Gangs, governments, demagogues, social media algorithms & religions seduce us with misleading untruths and comforting fables. They want us to join their narrow worldview in exchange for obedience and turning a blind eye to our own internal voice of reason & compassion. They just need our Compliance.”

Sounds like there’s hope they’ll figure out who the real bad guys are. Make Europe Great Again — MEGA — has a nice ring to it.

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