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California Coronavirus ‘Transparency’: Newsom Finds New Ways to Invent COVID-19 Cases

Crazy man Gavin Newsom is in the news again and this time it looks like he is guilty of fraud. For months Newsom has approved the release of COVID-19 cases for California. The numbers that he published were thought to be accurate. But then came the talk of backed up testing and daily cases that were not accurate. He announced that within 72 hours the number of cases would change dramatically.

Everyone knows that the Democrats need positive cases to continue to push the pandemic down the nation’s throat. They have to continue to see a rise in infections just so they have something to complain about and blame the president for.

But what is really being witnessed is just how bad the Democrats are as they manipulate and cheat their way forward. The backlog of nearly 300,000 cases is just another picture of the fraudulent methods that they participate in to create their fake stories. Now everyone sees why the Democrats and their media buddies cannot be trusted with the leadership of the United States.

No matter how anyone tries to justify to the error, the facts prove that Newsom is terrible at handling the affairs of California. This gross error is enough to call for his resignation as governor of California.

It seems in every liberal state that there are problems with counting things. In Iowa, the Democrats fell flat on their faces to provide an accurate vote count for their candidates trying out for the presidential election. The backlog that Newsom created out of thin air seemed to be clearing over the past few days.

He is trying to hide his fraudulent count be stating “But for the purpose of transparency…we’re giving you numbers that represent the actual number of cases and a number that begins the process of truing up the total number of positives from that backlog. It’s a longwinded way of saying that the actual number today is 5,433.”

He allowed the new numbers to change the count totals all the way back to the start of the pandemic. He stated that “Things are being fixed.” He is fixing things to meet up with his fake COVID-19 pandemic push. He just needs a reason to keep people locked out of the businesses and to keep them locked up at home.

The general public is losing its confidence in the liberal’s attempt to work through the coronavirus pandemic that seems to now be created by the fear of Democrats for political gain. The liberals love to create fake issues so they can blame it all on the president. The love to create violent encounters. It gives them a platform with which to attack the president.

The COVID-19 count from Newsom had a statement that came with it that read “Today’s case counts include backlogged cases that would have been reported in earlier days and weeks and are not an accurate representation of cases reported in the prior 24 hours.”

It then changed again to show the duplicity of what Newsom was doing as it read “Numbers may not represent true day-over-day change as reporting of test results can be delayed.” Newsom just cannot get anything right.

What is hard to believe is that the backlog had 250,000 to 300,000 new cases of COVID-19. But the report would only show 6,000 cases. Something just does not add up with what Newsom is reporting. Either the infection percentage is extremely low, or Newsom cannot do simple math.

The only people telling the truth about COVID-19 is President Trump and the Republicans. The data that they are providing present a truthful picture of how America is fairing as it battles the virus. Americans are beating the virus one day at a time. In the end, it will pass, and the American people will have led the way to victory for the world.

Nothing the Democrats can do will ever change the fact that the president has been right all along. No amount of fraudulent new results can change the truth. President Trump has made the country great again and people are happy because of it.

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