Chicago Mayor Orders Removal Of Columbus Statue While City Crime Spree Breaks Records

More than 70 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, but the city’s Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot is focusing her efforts instead on picking partisan battles with President Donald Trump by rejecting federal help while removing statues as a representative of the Marxist mob.

On Friday, residents woke up to the disappearance of the Christopher Columbus statue in the city’s Grant Park which was ordered removed overnight. One week earlier, protestors lobbed projectiles at police officers, leaving 49 of them injured after defending the memorial from being torn down. Another statue to the legacy Italian explorer was removed at Arrigo Park.

The Windy City meanwhile, has seen some of its most violent days on record, where weekends seeing continual spikes in shootings and homicides are becoming a regular occurrence.

Twenty-three people were shot on Tuesday alone, killing four including one 17-year-old. Just a few weeks earlier, the city saw 106 shootings that killed 14. In May, 25 people were shot to death between May 29-30 marking Chicago’s most violent weekend in more than six decades.

Mayor Lightfoot however, has explicitly rejected federal support to curb the violence sweeping the city.

“Under no circumstances will I allow Donald Trump’s troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents,” Lightfoot wrote to the possibility that federal agents come to protect the city.

Columbus’ Chicago demise follows the removal of statues for the explorer who paved the way for western civilization in the Ohio capital of Columbus; Richmond, Virginia; and Camden, New Jersey where protestors beheaded him.

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