China Wants to Play War: The United States Flexes Its Muscles!

China has been taunting the United States for a long time. They have tried to blame the outbreak of COVID-19 on the United States Military. They have worked at stealing secret biological material from American Universities.

And now they are threatening to use weapons that can cripple if not destroy aircraft carriers. China has an image complex. They think that they are mightier than they are. They believe that they are the next world superpower.

The U.S. Military has answered the call of the Chinese. In a massive show of force, the military has moved a third aircraft carrier into the Pacific region. China is making threats to Taiwan and they are aggressively targeting the South China Sea.

The United States has strengthened its presence in and around the China region because the communist nation is pushing its rhetoric and influence on people in other nations. These other nations are allies of the United States.

The Chinese people are proud people, but they lack common sense. In one report coming out of the communist-controlled country, they believe that “China could counter it by holding military drills and showing its ability and determination to safeguard its territorial integrity.”

Military drills are a far cry from being able to effectively attack American carriers. They brag about having DF-21D and DF-26 missiles that are known by some to be carrier killers. They have a range of 900 miles. But the United States carriers can operate well outside of that range and decimate Chinese military sites.

The liberal media makes it sound like the Chinese have the upper hand as the U.S. carriers would have to operate at a distance. They fail to support their own country by not reporting on the truth that the carriers do not need to be in close proximity to attack.

The Navy will use its ships anywhere they need to in the area. Chinese missiles are not a threat to the three carriers protecting Americans and allies.

The Navy knows that these weapons of the Chinese are not a big deal. Each ship has advanced technology that can be used to stop incoming missiles. Not to forget that each carrier has other ships that travel with it to protect it from sneak attacks.

The Navy uses destroyers and cruisers and other aircraft to keep from becoming targets. Each ship has laser-guided defenses and attack weapons that can disable any attacker or launch site within a few seconds. Their systems also have the ability to jam incoming missiles that will keep them from reaching their intended targets.

So, while the laughable Chinese continue to boast about the carrier killers, the Navy silently moves along without pause. They are not concerned with the little missiles that China can launch at them.

The missiles will simply splashdown in the ocean without ever reaching its target. Even if the missile could come close, each ship can simply shoot off their interceptors to destroy any incoming weapons.

The Chinese speak a lot of egocentric words. Their communist-controlled media simply is giving their people a false sense of hope. Reality shows that they cannot withstand the might or the technical superiority of the United States. Their old and obsolete fleet is no match for the upgraded and heavily armed and protected American ships.

President Trump has taken the steps to increase the size of the Navy and better fund the rest of the military. He knew four years ago that the United States would have to make a stronger presence in key areas around the world.

America has allies that need to be protected from the greedy and merciless Chinese and other aggressive nations around them. The only way that they could count on America to come to their aid would be if President Trump could make America great again.

America is a beacon of hope for a lot of people worldwide. The president had to promise to take the steps necessary to see that the country could keep up with its obligations to its allies and friends. President Trump has strengthened the country and has set it on a path to greatness for decades to come.

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