Chris Bedford: Statue Destruction Is ‘Always Followed By People’

Federalist Senior Editor Chris Bedford warned Americans that the destruction of statues is “always followed by people” during Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday.

“Every time in history, Tucker, that we’ve seen statues taken down, from ancient Rome to France where they started with symbols like a large empty prison, and then they started attacking churches,” things escalate, Bedford said. He noted that here in the United States, that mob has already quickly intensified from targeting Confederate symbols to “hanging statues in the streets.”

“Revolutionaries and mobs that go after the symbols of a civilization never just want to stop at a symbol. They’re not just angry at a statue. They’re angry at what it represents. … They will not stop until the real blood is spilled in a targeted way,” Bedford continued.

Bedford then criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her nonchalance toward the toppling of the statue of legendary 15th-century explorer Christopher Columbus in Baltimore at the hands of mobs.

“People will do what they do,” Pelosi said.

“She knows that her power is not currently threatened by these mobs. They’re going after some of her enemies, but her power is broadly threatened because tearing down statues is all about power just like almost this entire movement’s been about,” Bedford said, emphasizing that a society that’s willing to defend itself and its cultural landmarks, as opposed to tearing them down, is a healthy one. “A society that stops building monuments doesn’t believe in itself anymore, and a society like ours led by people like Pelosi, who actively cheer or watch as they’re torn down, that society’s on its death watch.”

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