Clueless John Kerry Claims Iran Deal Would Have ‘Eliminated The Threat Of An Iran With A Nuclear Weapon’

Last night in his address at the Democratic National Convention, John Kerry claimed that he “eliminated the threat of an Iran with a nuclear weapon” during the Obama administration. What was this deal Kerry made that would have prevented Iran from developing a nuclear weapon? Because it certainly couldn’t be the Iran deal.

The Obama administration’s nuclear deal, which Kerry presented as the crowning achievement of both his tenure as secretary of State and recent foreign policy as a whole, was an impotent deal that only attained the appearance of preventing Iran from attaining nuclear weapons. It also sent piles of U.S. taxpayer cash to bribe and pay off a terrorist-sponsoring state.

There was another small problem with the deal: It included no way of ensuring whether Iran was keeping their end of the bargain. Iran refused to allow their military locations to be inspected for nuclear activity, leaving the United States no recourse for ensuring their compliance. It may as well have relied on the honor system — again, among terrorists with a history of lies, murder, and double-dealing.

President Obama didn’t leave the White House with the fear of a nuclear Iran behind us. Far from it. Kerry weakened our position abroad immensely with a futile deal from which Americans should be glad President Trump freed us.

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