Dak Prescott, Matthew McConaughey Step Up During Texas Winter Crisis

Dak Prescott may not even be a Dallas Cowboy next season. But he is one for the time being, and he’s clearly a good man wherever he plays football. Both Dak and Matthew McConaughey have helped feed homeless Texans this past, awful, week.

Here’s OurCalling’s tweet about that.

Prescott suffered a gruesome ankle injury in the Cowboys’ game against the New York football Giants back in October. His recovery is said to be on course but his return to action is still uncertain.

“I’m definitely looking forward to working with Dak full time,” [Cowboys head coach Mike] McCarthy said. “He’s here every day going through rehab. He’s making progress, and just as you’d expect, he’s going after it full speed.

“As far as the timeline, I don’t have the specifics on when he’s going to be doing on-the-field work and dates and things like that. I don’t have that for you. But I do know based on the plan for his surgery and what he’s supposed to be doing and where he is, everything is right on course.”

He’s reportedly had a second surgery that has recently come to light. He’s at the end of his contract but the Cowboys reportedly want to keep him. I haven’t followed the ins and outs of all that to be honest. The NFL isn’t the obsession for me that it was a few years back. Losing seasons and politicizing the game will do that.

Prescott’s a likeable guy who is capable of playing at a very high level. Super Bowl championship level? Er, that issue is above Dak’s position and would take some additions around the team and some major changes in the front office. The latter remain very, extremely, unlikely. But Texas just froze, so strange and unusual things do happen. Dak has navigated the treacherous role of quarterbacking America’s Team very well. That speaks well of him.

If Dak stays or goes, he’s made a great impression and racked up some gaudy stats during his six years in the NFL.

The contrast he and McConaughey provide with, say, Sen. Ted Cruz this week is pretty hard to overlook. If one wonders what a pol who has no role in ERCOT’s comings and goings can do, well, heading out of a freezing state to warmer climes while citizens freeze is not the answer.]

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