Domenech Responds To Donna Brazile Blow Up: She Represents What Worries Americans About Racism

Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist, responded to claims by former chair of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile Tuesday morning on “Fox and Friends” after she had an outburst on live television over the Republican National Convention’s Monday night message.

“I mean, no offense because she’s not here to push back against me, but when Donna Brazile reacts like that, she actually represents the kind of thing that I think worries a lot of Americans which is that if you disagree with what you see happening in the streets if you say, ‘this is not justified,’ that in some way, that means that you’re a racist denying 400 years of slavery to erasing black Americans or their experience,” Domenech said.

While Domenech said that characterizing someone as a racist just because they disagree with rioting is “absurd” and “frankly un-American,” he also said that it reflects poorly on humans, classifying us based only on race and ethnicity.

“It doesn’t look at us as being individuals who make individual choices. It connects us based on ethnicity to past sins,” Domenech added.

According to Domenech, Republican pushback against that kind of racial narrative is the right thing to do.

“I think that the choice of Republicans to take this race-baiting stuff face on is a good one. We shouldn’t ignore it, we should call it out for what it is,” he said.

Domenech’s words came in response to the segment on “Fox and Friends” earlier in the morning featuring Brazile, Tammy Bruce, President of The Independent Women’s Voice, and host Brian Kilmeade.

In the segment, Brazile begins yelling at Bruce for “patronizing” her and attempting to “ignore 400 years” of history by appreciating the RNC speakers’ platforms on Monday.

“She ignores the reality of what is happening. She is ignoring it because I see it. Tammy, I see it every day. I see the violence, Tammy,” Brazile said. “You do not recognize my existence, Tammy. You do not recognize my existence!”

While Kilmeade tried to moderate so Bruce could have a chance to defend herself, Brazile continued to rant saying “You’re the shameful one, Tammy” and claiming that Bruce can’t “erase” her history. 

“She doesn’t want an answer,” Bruce concluded. 

Kilmeade quickly wrapped up the interview.

Later on Twitter, Bruce alluded to the issue saying that “it’s a shame” that some took offense to the RNC’s message.

“It’s becoming rather obvious the Dems had a bad night last night and anticipate having a very bad week. The message at the RNC convention was one of inclusion, optimism, patriotism, & the potential of the American dream. It’s a shame anyone would find that sentiment offensive,” she wrote.

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