Don Trump Jr. Hits Democrats Where it Hurts and Kimberly Guilfoyle Just Hurts Our Ears


Donald Trump Jr.’s speech at night one of the Republican National Convention had a few good moments. The first memorable one was this jab at Biden, who he called the “Loch Ness Monster of the Swamp.” I imagine the memesmiths are working up terrific content with that as I type.

But the best part was when Trump framed the election as “church, work, and school vs. rioting, looting, and vandalism.” That’s a dead-on accurate description and it hits exactly the right note. This is what Republicans need to hammer home for the next few months at every opportunity.

Unfortunately, the evening had a real downturn when Don Jr.’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, took the stage. I’m not sure why Guilfoyle was asked to speak at the Republican National Convention when there are so many conservative firebrands like Brandon Straka or Candace Owens to pick from. It was inexplicable and almost unlistenable. Whoever coached her should be fired and I fully expect this to make it on SNL. It deserves every bit of ridicule it’s going to get. I couldn’t tell if she was trying to channel Stifler’s Mom or Ursula the Sea Witch.

Someone give her a cup of tea and a retire her somewhere off-camera. Never do that again, RNC. Never.

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Can we have a moratorium on the girlfriends of Republicans speaking at events, please? I don’t know whose idea it was but that guy should be canned. There is a list of other people I’d rather hear from– Diamond and Silk, Brandon Straka, Candace Owens, Bryson Gray, the Black Guns Matter guy, and even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Any of those people would have been so much better. Guilfoyle is not a popular figure in the Trump crowd. Most people I know are very uncomfortable with Don Jr.’s choice to throw over his wife and five kids for a Fox News babe.

The RNC got considerable heat when the speakers were announced and so many of them were Trump’s family members. Ivanka and Tiffany are scheduled to speak later in the week and many are asking why? There are up and coming Republicans who should be given some air time and who can articulate conservative beliefs to the country in ways that the Trump children cannot. I hope after the Guilfoyle disaster the RNC will rethink its decision and get serious about their speaker list.

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