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Executive Order Shows Democratic Laziness is in Full Swing

President Trump has taken the initiative to serve with love and care for the American people when the selfish Democrats decided to drag their feet to do the right thing. His order stands as a major victory for him coming up in November. The president is for the American people and all he does is to keep America great and strong.

Democrats and the liberal media are without words as he has left them behind. The struggles that Pelosi and her political husband, Chuck Schumer, are having with the executive order simply blows their minds. Both of the two weasels have dragged their feet in defiance against another stimulus for the American people.

Liberals turn their backs constantly on the American people. Their reluctance to work with the president is a trademark of their failures over the past two years. President Trump has worked through their torrent of accusations and fake news and kept America great and safe for legal citizens.

President Trump is tired of the Democrats hurting the American people. They act like they want to keep people in poverty and their homes so they can control through fear and provision. But people are starting to recognize the duplicity the liberals are putting out as November approaches.

Fake news media is trying to downplay the importance of the executive order. They are being true to their deadly nature by spinning each part of the order as something bad for the American people. But each part of the package extends or pushes aid to people that are stills struggling under the persecution of liberal governors.

His balanced approach to funding the stimulus order is spot-on brilliant. Reducing funds to areas that are recovered and making them available for people that are hurting shows that he knows what the people are going through. The executive order pushes the red tape to the side and lets the assistance take effect quicker than if the Democrats had their hands on the button.

The fallout with the House is affecting liberals at all levels. Pelosi is silent and is still amazed at how quickly she has been removed from the picture. Chuck Schumer cannot even fathom the love that President Trump has shown towards the hurting people.

The media believes this to be a political stunt by the president. But nothing he does if for his satisfaction. This is a man that has rejected a paycheck for the past four years. His desire to donate the funds just fuels the hearts of the Americans.

The President is taking the bull by the horns and providing assistance to defer payroll tax contributions for many people is a long-term help. It helps build the future for those that are hurting. COVID-19 has wrecked many futures for people that a little sunshine from the president gives hope.

President Trump has also extended federal unemployment benefits for people. In his wisdom, he has left some of the aid provisions in the hands of the states. His mission is to leave such matters for the states to decide.

President Trump stated concerning the states taking matters into their own hands. “Well, if they don’t, they don’t. That’s up to them. But if they don’t, they don’t. That’s going to be their problem. I don’t think their people will be too happy. They have the money.”

The executive order gets the money to the people quicker than if the Democrats had a say in the bill. The process will not simply hand out money blindly. The president stated “We have a system where we can do 100% or we can do 75%, they pay 25, and it will depend on the state. And they will make an application. We will look at it, and we’ll make a decision.”

The president has promised to make America great and he has done everything he had said. America is great and will continue to be so as long as the Democrats stay out of office. The president is the only source of positive growth that is working for the country right now.

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