FL Lab Inflates Cases by Over 1000%

As we all know, the media, especially those backed by the liberal establishment, are prone to exaggeration, often taking considerable liberties in reporting and even infusing heavy bias into their stories.

However, not every case of this can be blamed entirely on the media alone. Sometimes, it is their informants or sources.

Such is the case in Florida, where massive numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases have been recently reported. The media, due to their bought leftism, loves to report on the state’s failings as it is currently governed by a Republican and one who supports President Donald Trump.

However, a local news outlet has recently found that the stories that most national headlines ran with were very falsely informed.

WOFL-TV, who is a local Fox affiliate, after looking into the quickly amounting number of cases in the state, started to do a little digging. And what they found amounted to quite a bit of unreported “errors in the state’s report on positivity rates.”

Essentially, they noted that “the Florida Department of Health said that some laboratories have not been reporting negative test result data to the state.”

According to the reports, “countless labs have reported a 100 percent positivity rate, which means every single person tested was positive.”

Just in case you were wondering, this is far from accurate and, therefore, prompted the WOFL to start digging deeper. The outlet agreed to contact every local testing center the reports had come from.

One of the first on the list: Orlando Health.

They had reported a 98 percent positivity rating to the state. And yet when the station reached out to them, they remarked that there were grave errors in that number.

In actuality, the positivity rating of the center was only 9.4 percent. By the way, that’s a 1042 percent error.

Not exactly small, by any means.

And they were far from the only ones, including some that did include some negative results, but still clearly had errors.

Orlando Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center had extreme over-reporting errors on positivity rates as well. Initially, the report noted that 76 percent of all who were tested were positive.

However, when contacted by the station, a spokesperson from the VA told the outlet that the number, in reality, was much closer to a mere 6 percent.

Hendry Regional Medical Center, similarly, reported a total of 164 positive tests and only two negative ones. That’s a 99 percent positivity rate.

Now, I could go on and on, naming each individual testing center who had “errors” of some sort. But that would take me all day.

At the end of the investigation, it was noted in the report that some 200 labs had misreported their positivity ratings.

But what’s even more astounding than this is some of the actual numbers of confirmed cases in the state.

As you may remember, this past weekend reported that Florida had had a surge in cases, with more than 15,000 being reported in a single day. However, this, too, was based on false information.

To be certain, the state does, in fact, have that many cases. But, as another local outlet found out, “that report contained numbers gathered over several days by a single laboratory.”

WTSP-TV continued, saying, “More than 7,000 of the 15,000 positive cases reported have been traced to GENETWORx in Richmond, Virginia. The company, which is Florida’s fourth-largest processor of tests, said in a statement it looks like the Florida Department of Health reported in a single day, lab results that had been collected over the course of four to five days.”

Once the mistakes were outed, Florida lawmakers, naturally, were quick to voice their concerns.

Republican State Representative Anthony Sabitini said, “I’m blown away. It’s out of control.” Democratic Representative Anna Eskamani seconded his opinion, saying, “It’s incredibly frustrating that we continue to see concerns of data transparency.”

Frustrating, it most definitely is. After all, this is a government-run health department, and its reporting is so over the top, it’s unbelievable. How are Americans supposed to trust their government and our leaders to keep us safe when they can’t even report the facts without errors or bias?

It brings the mass hysteria of the media into stark relief and forces us to second guess what they say is true. As sound-minded Americans, we should be eager to do this on our own. Before jumping on the hysteria band-wagon as so many have, we need to pause and consider the facts. Maybe even do a little digging of our own.

One this is sure, the media as a whole is not to trusted.

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