FLASHBACK: Liberals Celebrated the Death of Conservative Justice Antonin Scalia

To say the Left has responded very emotionally to the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be an understatement. Some have even suggested it is disrespectful to her memory to talk about her replacement so soon after her death.

But the political implications of the vacancy on the Court resulting from her death are impossible for anyone to ignore, regardless of which side of the aisle they are on. That said, the reaction from most on Left and Right has been mostly respectful from what I’ve seen.

But I can’t say the same for when Justice Antonin Scalia passed away in 2016.

Nominated by Ronald Reagan, Justice Scalia was a diehard defender of the Constitution, and when he died during the last year of Obama’s presidency, many on the Left couldn’t contain their glee.

David Ehrlich of Rolling Stone asked, “How long do we have to wait till we can openly not be sad about it?”

Charles Finch, a contributor to the New York Times, Slate, and The Washington Post, wrote “I mean, if you don’t want your death politicized, don’t lead a repugnant and profoundly influential political life.”

Comedian Moshe Kasher tweeted, “Just to make sure I understand your argument: you want me to show respect for the death of a hateful man who disrespected so many lives?”

Glenn Greenwald, a journalist at The Intercept, warned, “Don’t even try to enforce the inapplicable don’t-speak-ill-of-the-dead ‘rule’ for the highly polarizing, deeply consequential Antonin Scalia.”

Stand-up comedian Anthony Jeselnik must have thought he was being funny when he tweeted, “Funny. I actually support Scalia on this one.”

Author and lecturer Alfie Kohn reacted to the news with a Mark Twain quote.

Podcaster and columnist Dan Savage also mocked Scalia’s death.

Jess Dweck, a writer for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, said this:

In fact, many vile tweets reacting to Scalia’s death have since been deleted.

Silvia Killingsworth of The New Yorker, mused, “Wish I could be a fly on the wall for Scalia’s chat with the Devil,” and “Died in a ranch in Texas, God bless America.” Both of those tweets have since been deleted.

“Scalia was a monster and no one’s job entitles them to respect,” tweeted Vocativ Senior Sports Editor Tomas Rios. His tweet is also no longer available.

So, the next time a liberal says it’s disrespectful to talk about replacing RBG on the Court so soon, remind them of what actual disrespect looks like.