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Friend Takes Emergency Flight Out to Try to Save Presidential Candidate Kanye West

Since the Fourth of July, when Kanye West announced to the world via Twitter that he would be running for president, he has been a very busy man.

And with only four months left until the election, it is only to be expected. But many are beginning to suspect that the famous rapper and fashion mogul is a bit out his depth with this one.

As you can imagine, a lot goes into running for president of the United States of America. There is a campaign to construct and plan out, platforms to make public, official filings to be completed, and ballots to be drawn up.

While Joe Biden and President Donald Trump have been on the campaign trail for nearly an entire year and finished all of the requirements needed for them to officially run for that office, Kanye has just begun this journey.

Things like officially filing with the FEC as a candidate can be relatively easy to do, and in a short amount of time. And sources close the newly appointed West campaign say that it is already in the works. The hard part will be to actually get Kanye’s name added to the ballots for November.

As I alluded to above, there is not just one federal ballot for his name to be added to. There is 50. Yes, each and every state as their own ballot that must be “applied” for, so to speak. And as you can well imagine, the more ballots your name is one, the better your chances of winning are.

The process for these applications is different depending on the party in which you are running. In Kanye’s case, he is running as an Independent, as the Republican Party clearly already has chosen their nominee. Now, the Independent ticket in most states requires that a particular fee be paid, as well as the proper paperwork submitted by a specific date.

Usually, this isn’t a problem for most candidates. Then again, most candidates don’t wait until four months before the election to decide to run.

Time is quickly running out in some states. In fact, in some, such as the typically essential battleground states of Michigan, New Jersey, and Florida, those dates have already passed, barring the superstar rapper from adding his name to the ballot.

Now, that doesn’t spell guaranteed doom for the candidate, but it most certainly lessens his chances of getting enough votes. It also means he cannot afford to miss any more states with upcoming deadlines. Officially, he only has two states’ ballots with his name on it: Oklahoma and Illinois.

And it is for this exact reason he has been traveling the country to get his “applications” in.

This weekend, he was in South Carolina, holding a campaign rally. But as I am sure you have heard, his speech wasn’t precisely presidential, which us leads to another reason why many believe the man won’t be able to win.

Like Joe Biden, West suffers from mental issues. It has been known for some time that the Yeezy founder is bi-polar and occasionally suffers from manic episodes.

Those close to him have suggested that what we saw from him in South Carolina, where he broke down in tears about nearly aborting his daughter North, was one such occasion. The next day West was in Wyoming, where he owns a ranch.

And Kanye ranted there too. He tweeted out rather frantically that his wife, Kim Kardashian, had flown out with a “doctor to lock me up,” claiming that the movie “Get Out” was really about him.

By the next day, all seemed to be well with Kanye. He tweeted out that his good friend and comedian Dave Chappelle had flown out to be with him and is a “GODSEND AND A TRUE FRIEND.”

To be sure, I am not trying to paint Kanye as crazy or a maniac. As a very successful businessman and musician, it is clear he is quite intelligent and capable of doing nearly whatever he sets out to do. However, moments like this do tend to question whether the highest office in our nation should be held by someone who is not always in control of themselves.

What would happen if he had an episode while, say, meeting with Kim Jong-un or any other diplomate for that matter? The repercussions could be life-altering and disastrous, to say the least. Again, I’m not saying it’s an impossible task for Kanye. But it certainly deserves some serious thought.

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