Georgia Democrats Freak Out When Republicans Take a Page From Their Playbook

If the Democrats have a motto, it probably ends with “…for thee, but not for me.” Their recent behavior in Georgia explains why that phrase should hang around Democrats’ necks like an albatross.

Like so many thorns in our sides here in Georgia, it all starts with Stacey Abrams. No doubt you’ve heard the stories of how her Fair Fight Action PAC took in $1.34 million and used it to pay off the medical debt of 68,000 Georgians, along with 40,000 others in Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Fair Fight Action hasn’t stopped crowing about it — even buying ads one time here on PJ Media — highlighting how Stacey Abrams cares about Georgians because she took contributed money and doled it out like candy while calling for expanded government healthcare here in the state she loathes but wants to ruin run. And it’s no doubt when (not if) she runs for president, we’ll never hear the end of how she took care of people in five states.

It was such a crass political move, but it was all totally cool in the eyes of the left. But let a Republican do something similar, and the Democrats go all “Katy, bar the door.”

Georgia Democrats are seeing red because a PAC supporting Georgia Bulldogs football star and Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker in his Senate bid gave out $25 gas vouchers to consumers in South Atlanta last weekend. There were no strings to the vouchers — no push to register to vote, to endorse Walker, or to appear in campaign commercials — the $25 was simply meant to help hard-working Georgians stretch their gas dollars a little farther.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that “Motorists in the heavily Democratic area were handed vouchers totaling $4,000 along with flyers promoting Walker, a former football player who is now the Republican nominee. Outside, volunteers held signs declaring ‘Warnock isn’t working.’”

And Democrats are upset that their candidate, incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.), is facing an uphill battle against Walker, and Walker’s supporters are trying to get every advantage they can. You know, kinda like the advantage you may get with a potential voter when you pay off his or her medical bills.

The founder of Black Voters Matter told the AJC that the giveaway was “illegal,” although you’d think that the group would be thrilled that supporters of a black candidate were out campaigning. Then again, Herschel Walker isn’t from the right political party.

Other Democrats complained that Walker’s 34N22 PAC gave out the vouchers, yet Georgia’s 2021 election law bans PACs and candidates from passing out water and snacks to voters in line at the polls. It’s an apples-to-oranges comparison, to be sure, but what the PAC did on Saturday was within the law.

Greg Bluestein reports at the AJC that “several legal experts told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution the program is permissible so long as the voucher was given to anyone regardless of voter registration status or as a basis to encourage them to vote.”

“One attorney said it was no different than a campaign handing out merchandise,” Bluestein added. “Another indicated the greater problem is whether it crosses ethical boundaries.”

“Winks and nudges with cash in hand may not technically be vote buying, but it’s a sign of a deeply unhealthy democracy that’s more fit for the early nineteenth century than 2022,” said Georgia State University law professor Anthony Kreis.

But paying off medical debt and shouting it from the rooftops in campaign ads isn’t an ethical issue?

Stephen Lawson, spokesman for 34N22, pointed out that “Maybe they should focus on lowering gas prices instead of chasing conspiracy theories?”

If the Democrats had a candidate who cared about the people of the state of Georgia more than he does about killing babies (despite being a pastor) and toeing the far-left party line, he wouldn’t be in such a tough battle with Walker. Voters’ pain at the pump has so much to do with the policies that Joe Biden, Raphael Warnock, and the rest of the Democrats have set in place.

The Democrats have begun to realize that they can’t beat the GOP on policy right now, so they’re mad because Republican PACs are beating them at their own game.

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