GOP to Unveil New ‘Commitment to America’

Republicans in the House are preparing to roll out their midterm agenda, which they hope will give voters a reason to vote for them and not just against Democrats.

The brainchild of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the “Commitment to America” will have four parts dealing with the economy, security, education/health care, and government accountability.

McCarthy’s office has indicated the Commitment to America will debut in Pittsburgh on September 19. It’s loosely based on the “Contract with American” concept created for the 1994 midterm election that was credited with helping the GOP take over both the House and Senate.

This document is far less ambitious but has the benefit of every Republican in the House signing on to it.


  • An economy that is strong: This section specifically focuses on inflation, high gas prices, supply chain issues and competition with China. McCarthy advises members to pledge to “put an end to ‘Build Back Better’ and eliminate wasteful government spending.”
  • A nation that is safe: With a focus on crime and immigration, Republicans vow to “secure the Southern border,” “reduce crime and stop Fentanyl” and “defend our national security.”
  • A future that is free: Section headers include “make sure every kid in every neighborhood can succeed,” “better care and improved health outcomes for all Americans” and “confront Big Tech and advance free speech.”
  • A government that is accountable: The final section emphasizes the extent of the oversight efforts Republicans are promising next year if they take back the majority, including a pledge to “ensure safe and fair elections.”

The platform is the product of a task force that’s been at work since June. In fact, there’s nothing new in the document — nothing Republicans haven’t been saying since 2021.

The differences of opinion will come in which committee will get the first crack at investigating the Biden administration. To be sure, it’s a target-rich environment. No doubt, McCarthy will sit down with committee heads after the election and hash it out.

The Commitment to America is the product of not only the GOP leadership, but the rank-and-file as well.

“I’ve had a piece of putting this together,” said Rep. Andrew Garbarino (R-N.Y.). “You’ll have everybody from the most conservative district to the most swingiest district all pushing the same thing. So that should fire everybody up.”

Garbarino said the contract represents “what we want to get done in the first hundred days” and tells voters that “we’re planning now so we can hit the ground running on Jan. 3.”

The bottom line: Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.), who told Axios he plans to participate in the rollout, said he’s hopeful it will blunt recent Democratic momentum and put Republicans on a surer footing to retake control of the House.”If you’re just running on anti-Biden, well, that’s not going to get you over the finish line,” he said.

It’s a nice thought that the Commitment to America will “blunt recent Democratic momentum” but the most Republicans can hope for is that it changes the conversation slightly, allowing a dose of reality to return. Inflation is still a huge threat and gas prices are going to go up again before the election. The White House has been using smoke and mirrors — and a compliant national media — to sell the idea that it’s “Morning in America” again.

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