Greg Abbott Sends Two Busloads of Immigrants to Kamala Harris’s Home

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott just made Kamala Harris’s job easier. As you may know, Joe Biden made Harris his immigration czar. And Harris has done very little beyond touching down for a brief whistle stop in El Paso and assuring the nation that the southern border is secure.

In the wake of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ move to send illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard,  Abbott decided that if Kamala would not come to the illegal immigrants, the illegal immigrants could come to Kamala.

Fox News reports that Abbott sent two busses of illegal immigrants to none other than the Naval Observatory, the traditional home of the Vice President of the United States. In addition to providing digs for the veep, the Navy actually does important work there. Maybe Kamala can give them a tour and Elizabeth Warren can bring over some Pow Wow Chow. I have heard that the residence even has a pool.

The immigrants reportedly stopped at Union Station before being taken to the Naval Observatory. A group called Sanctuary DMV has taken the migrants to churches and other areas to prepare them to move on. Marla Bustillos, a representative from the NGO, told Fox News, “I was surprised to see [the press] here before we could get here. So the press knew the location before we did, some of the volunteers…it’s very frustrating…We’re gonna make it happen, but it takes a lot of resources, a lot of effort.” Well, welcome to the world of border towns. They’ve been frustrated for a while and have had a strain placed on their resources, and no one on the left has even raised an eyebrow about that. In an ideal world, people in places like Washington, New York, Chicago, Delaware, and even Martha’s Vineyard might finally understand the scope of the issues border towns have been facing.

More than likely, the move will be written off by the media, social, and political elites as a stunt. But DeSantis and Abbott are not staging stunts. They are staging demonstrations. Not demonstrations as in “Let’s burn down this convenience store in the name of social justice,” but demonstrations as in “Do you see what other people in the nation are dealing with because of your policies and positions?”

Democrats have never learned that virtue is achieved by what one does, not by making someone else do something. And the Left has traded on the idea that forcing someone else to live with their policies makes them good people for far too long. It’s time for them to step up to the plate and bear at least some of the burdens they want others to carry

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