Hallelujah! CNN Decides It’s OK to Finally Report on Hunter Biden

CNN Plays News Organization for a Day

It comes as no secret to anyone who has read my work for more than a day or two that I am not the world’s biggest fan of the Cable News Network (CNN). I’m old school too — I didn’t like it way back when Ted Turner was running things. My Wednesday Morning Briefing led with some rather harsh feelings about the present state of affairs at the fake journalism cesspool that is present-day CNN.

Imagine my surprise when, several hours after posting that, I headed over to the Twitters and saw something that looked like an attempt at journalism by one of CNN’s lead Enemy of the People hacks, Jake Tapper:

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My friend and Townhall Media colleague Larry O’Connor had a quick reply to Tapper’s tweet:

Ah yes, there was some news about Hunter Biden’s questionable business dealings floating around in October, wasn’t there? Jakey, Donnie, and the other ChiCom youth at CNN weren’t reporting on it then, however. That may have derailed their plans to help Hunter’s daddy steal the White House and get installed as the Left’s Idiot King puppet.

This isn’t the first rather-huge-but-older-news item that CNN has now decided to report belatedly. At the beginning of this month — three weeks after Election Day — Tapper reported that China had lied about the coronavirus as if it were the freshest news on the planet. The network even called the story an “exclusive.” Here’s the thing though: virtually everyone in conservative new media had been reporting that since last spring. Mainstream media outlets like CNN were parroting the ChiCom party line then, and for all of the months straight through Election Day.

Let’s just say that the network’s seeming commitment to real reporting would be easier to buy if any of this news had been reported when it was, you know, news.

Like I said in the Briefing, they’re all dirtbags at CNN, in front of the camera, behind the camera, top to bottom.

They can dress up as journalists all they want right now but I doubt that even they are buying their own b.s.

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