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History’s Bound to Repeat Itself Because of Ignorant Dems Messing with School Curriculum

This just in: several decades from now, there will be a civil war, concentration camps, and more. Why? Students didn’t learn from history. The history they were taught eliminated anything that was considered ‘offensive.’

The ignorant Dems have decided that its best to adjust school curriculums. What people have been learning for decades is no longer good enough. So, they’ve decided to go and mess with a system that wasn’t even broken.

We should be thankful that the Dems don’t have a time machine. If it were up to them, they would have gone back to the 1700s and changed everything. But, we’re the country we are today because of everything, even the bad. Yes, we killed Native Americans. Yes, we owned slaves. However, we now recognize the Native Americans. We also have abolished slavery.

We have learned from our mistakes. They were our mistakes. We owned them, and we have moved on. But, the Dems don’t see it that way. They want us to continue to pay for our mistakes, and that’s just not the way that the world works.

Leaders in Chicago are asking for history classes to be eliminated until they can create a ‘less racist’ curriculum. And what does that look like? Well, no one knows. The reality is that the country was founded by white forefathers and that slavery existed. Unfortunately, racism existed. The Confederate flag existed. Kids today have to know these things and be taught that those things were wrong. However, without teaching those things, they are bound to let history repeat itself – for better or for worse.

White privilege is what the Chicago leaders are trying to get rid of. What these dumb Dems don’t realize is that there was white privilege but there was also a lot of our history that wasn’t. Ask any Irishman who came over in the late 1700s if he had white privilege. The answer would be no.

LaShawn K. Ford, the Democratic state rep wants a complete overhaul of books and lesson plans to be inclusive toward minorities and women. Ummm, those books already have minorities and women. Everyone learned about Sacagawea, Rosa Parks, and others. U.S. history features minorities and women. And we’re taught about them. Perhaps not as frequently as the Dems would like but that’s not because of excluding them – it’s because they weren’t a significant part of U.S. history. It’s impossible to teach about what didn’t happen.

Ford says, “When it comes to teaching history in Illinois, we need to end the miseducation of Illinoisans.” There’s no miseducation – he simply wants to change what people are educated on. Further, he wants to remove “current history books and curriculum practices that unfairly communicate our history.”

What Ford doesn’t realize is that history is important. We cannot rewrite history as it isn’t the way that the world works. And even if we had a time machine to change things, the country wouldn’t be the world we live in today. We may still be a part of England. We may be slaves to the Native Americans. Or, the country would have been split apart.

Ford is living in a dream world where slavery never happened. He doesn’t believe that people should have pride in where they live. Sometimes, a Confederate flag is just a flag. It’s to identify that a person is from the south. It’s only a symbol of hate if you’re living in a world where the Civil War resulted in the South winning.

As for the Evanston mayor in Illinois, he’s staying out of it, saying that he doesn’t feel comfortable “speaking on education, curriculum, and whether history lessons should be suspended.” Well, way to stay ignorant to what’s going on in your city.

So, Illinois will simply decide to leave an entire generation of students dumb to what really happened in the U.S. because of getting rid of history altogether until the Dems decide how they want to rewrite it to fit their agenda.

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