How A Conservative Commentator’s Photo Helped This Couple Fall In Love

In a humorous and heartwarming story of “catishing” actually working, Guy Benson’s likeness catalyzed the romance between a couple who will be married next weekend. The conservative commentator took to Twitter on Friday to explain the crazy story and his supporting role in the relationship.

A young woman named Alyssa had a crush on her close family friend, Dylan, but he had yet to make a move on her. Alyssa’s cousin, Michael, convinced her to create a fake romantic interest in hopes that seeing Alyssa interested in another guy would enflame Dylan’s jealousy and rouse dormant romantic feelings.

The pair created Ryan Stevens, creating a backstory and choosing an image from an online search for “generic white guy.” The ruse worked. Dylan, upon hearing about Alyssa’s supposed interest in the fictional Ryan, swooped in before he missed his chance.

The pair grew serious, the truth about Ryan’s lack of existence is revealed, and it becomes an inside joke within their families and friends.

Eventually, Michael, the cousin who designed the plan to create the fake boyfriend, recognized a face on Fox News as the fictional Ryan Stevens. He realized the photo he and Alyssa used was of podcaster and commentator Guy Benson. Michael reached out to Benson, explaining the situation, and asking him to record a surprise message as Ryan for the happy couple.

Join me in wishing a happy life together for Dylan and Alyssa, who are getting married on Friday. The pair will certainly have a memorable story about how they got together.

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