Idiot Joe’s Neglected Border Crisis Is Getting Even Worse

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Stop with the striped pantaloons already.

Reupping: there is no way on any Earth that over 81 million people voted for this drooling moron.

I would already have left the planet if that were true.

It is truly stunning how awful J.R. Biden’s puppet masters are at their jobs. Virtually everything they touch turns into a heaping pile of horse dung within moments. Anyone over the age of 27 who did happen to vote for President Kidsniffer is not going to do well in the karma payout game.

By any objective measure, Joe Biden hasn’t been doing well as president. The media and the brain-dead Democrat electorate can’t be objective, of course, but that doesn’t change the fact that the rest of us have to live in the dystopian toilet that Biden keeps clogging.

While we’ve all been distracted by Biden’s monumental cock-up of the withdrawal from Afghanistan the already nightmarish situation on our border with Mexico has gotten worse.


Unfortunately, the horrific withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate, and bad economic news have taken attention away from the crisis at our southern border. Fox News’s Bill Melugin has been reporting almost daily from the border. Over the last 24 hours, Melugin shared two images taken from a drone above the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas, that should return attention to the issue. The first was taken on Wednesday night when Melugin reported that approximately 4,000 illegal immigrants were waiting to be picked up by Border Patrol agents.

He reported that this is just the beginning of the wave at a single border crossing that intelligence officials say will add 20,000 more.

Is everyone feeling the restoration of normalcy and competence that Biden supporters promised if he got elected?

Trump supporters are routinely called RACISTSSSSSSSSSSS! by Democrats when we suggest that something be done about border security. Most of the people screeching that are ensconced in cushy little ‘burbs in places like New Hampshire, Illinois, or Oregon. They never have to deal with the consequences of a porous Mexican border. I live 60 miles away from Mexico, so these issues literally hit home for me.

We are all painfully aware of the fact that our nation’s chief executive has mentally checked out of the Reality Hotel. The idiot cabal that is attempting to be his brain has pushed dealing with the border crisis to the back burner. The same mainstream media hacks who hyperventilated about every weekend golf trip that Trump took while he was president are OK with Grandpa Gropes peacing out while the world burns down around him.

Lest you think this might merely be some right-wing nutjob ranting on my part, Matt offers us the news that a former Obama Cabinet member thinks we have a problem:

Joe Biden might be pretending that there’s no border crisis, but even Barack Obama’s Homeland Security secretary is saying things are out of control and something must be done about it.

“If you go to any border congressional district, Lorado, Texas, for example, which is 85 percent Mexican-American, 80 percent or so Democratic, they’ll tell you that we should be fair and humane to migrants,” Jeh Johnson told CNN’s Ana Cabrera. “But they also want us to control our borders. We have to get control of our borders. And 200,000 a month is a lot of people. DHS just released the numbers for August. It’s 200,000. August is typically a month where it’s very low.”

Once more, with feeling: I hope America survives long enough to have adults back in charge again.

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