Is the Pandemic Over? Liberals Rally to Celebrate Media Projecting Biden’s Victory

Did you get the memo? The pandemic is over! We can now gather in large crowds again and life can go back to normal.

Okay, there’s one caveat: It’s only safe to celebrate Joe Biden’s alleged victory.

That’s right. Have you seen the footage? A large crowd gathered at the White House:

And more in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

And Boston, Massachusetts:

And Times Square:

In Brooklyn, New York, a crowd cheered the USPS, because, hey, why not, they may have stolen the election for them:

How many of the people were too afraid to vote in person but felt perfectly safe gathering in crowds of hundreds, maybe thousands of cities nationwide so they could celebrate the alleged results of the presidential election? Remember, a week ago, these people were calling Trump’s rallies “superspreader events.”

The same people who told us over and over again that it wasn’t safe to keep businesses open, or hold a funeral for a loved one, send our kids to school, go to sporting events or even go to houses of worship are celebrating in large crowds just like they rioted and looted for “social justice” over the summer.

What do you think?

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