It Seems the Democrats Kinda Sorta Want a Conservative Justice to Get Killed

As we sit around waiting for Gropey Joe Biden to denounce the assassination attempt of Justice Kavanaugh, it becomes obvious why he hasn’t. He and the bolshie Democrats seem to want a conservative justice from the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to die or retire. That would make the commie takeover almost complete. And what better way to make that happen than to make it easy to do?


  • A SCOTUS memo about kicking the abortion debate back to the states was leaked earlier this year. Protestors began to march outside the homes of various conservative justices.
  • The Biden admin refused to denounce the protesting taking place at the homes of the justices.
  • A man armed with a gun, knife, pepper spray, and zip ties was arrested outside of Justice Kavanaugh’s house.
  • The Senate unanimously voted for more security for SCOTUS justices but House Democrats refuse to advance the bill.

“This is where we are,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stated from the floor of the Senate: “An assassination attempt against a sitting justice or something close to it.” McConnell continued, “This is exactly the kind of event that many worried that the unhinged, reckless, apocalyptic rhetoric from prominent figures ​toward the court ​going back many months, and especially in recent weeks, could make more likely.” ​

When McConnell said “unhinged, reckless, apocalyptic rhetoric from prominent figures ​toward the court​ ​going back many months,” he was likely referring to New York’s leading shape-shifter, Chuck Schumer.

But House Democrats, in a new and yet unsurprising level of slimy, lizard-person-like turpitude, have decided to sit on their filthy hands rather than protect conservative justices. What could go wrong?

For starters, anyone who watched the Democrats’ brownshirts, Antifa and BLM, torch the country with near impunity realizes that killing, burning, and looting is okay for Team Donkey.

Lefty politicians and district attorneys made anarchy easy for the rioters. Leading Democrats like Kamala Harris were eager to assist the Marxy frondeurs.

PINKO-RAMA! Almost 50% of Portland rioters who were arrested had their federal charges dropped. Awww, did some poor Antifa prags get cuffed? That’s okay, Kamala Harris pimped for some mad stacks to get those insurrectionists bailed out of the hoosegow.

Most of the mainstream news peeps are ignoring the fact that the die-hard leftist whackjob who traveled from California to kill Kavanaugh had zip ties with him. He wanted people bound and defenseless. Perhaps killing wasn’t the only demonic plan he had in mind.

The would-be assassin, comrade Nicholas Roske, told the FBI he wanted to kill Kavanaugh because he was upset over the Dobbs v. Jackson leak and the Uvalde shooting as well. He believed Kavanaugh would loosen gun control laws. Never mind that the Supreme Court doesn’t “loosen” laws.

Conservative justices have a target on them. Here’s why:

The president refuses to condemn the protesting taking place outside of the justices’ homes.

  • House Democrats are stalling more security for justices.
  • Local law enforcement officials refuse to arrest the protesters, despite the attempt on Kavanaugh’s life, and even though protesting outside a SCOTUS justice’s house is illegal.

Biden, House Democrats, and even the local cops (or whoever is telling them to stand down) are creating the perfect storm for an assassination. On every level, the justices are sitting ducks.

None of this is an accident. It’s the next step in the Democommies’ plan to take over the United States. If a conservative justice resigns or dies, the Democrats have full control.

It’s gonna be a hot summer.

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