Jill Biden’s Creepy Edith Wilson 2.0 Moment Has Arrived

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I try to not judge people who like to pick mushrooms while wearing elf costumes.

There is so much about politics that is unpredictable that it would be nice if we could take even a little solace in what is predictable.

Unfortunately, the most predictable thing in American politics these days is the way this Joe Biden occupation of the Oval Office that some are calling a presidency is playing out. The only surprise thus far is just how bad it’s gotten in such a short period of time. We all knew it was going to be awful, we just thought the American experiment might make it through one year of the Biden-Harris-Fauci administration and that’s looking a little dicey at the moment.

While I was loathe to make any predictions about politics last year, there was one thing that I was sure of: Joe Biden would never really be President of the United States. I doubt any of the 700 trillion nonillion people who allegedly voted for this drooling puppet ever believed that he’d be doing any of the actual president stuff.

We were all speculating last year about who would be running things in the background and, I’ve got to hand it to me, I nailed it.

Eleven months ago, I led the Briefing with the headline “Jill Biden Wants to Trash Her Husband’s Dignity to Be Edith Wilson 2.0.” Here’s a snippet:

I said then that I truly believe Jill Biden wants to be Edith Wilson 2.0. Woodrow Wilson’s wife basically ran the White House after his stroke in 1919. She only had to do that for two years. I’m pretty sure that Jill Biden would like at least an eight-year run at the gig.

That was July 9, 2020. Here’s something Matt wrote on June 9, 2021:

Who’s really in charge of the country? Who’s running the show? Some would say the answer is obvious: Joe Biden.

But, frankly, I’m not sure. Many have speculated that Joe Biden isn’t really running things. His mental fitness has come into question numerous times over the years and even in the past six months, but a photo posted by Jill Biden has added fuel to the fire, reigniting questions about who’s really running the country, and if perhaps the First Lady is taking on responsibilities she shouldn’t be.

The photo in question features Jill Biden sitting at a desk on Air Force One with the caption “Prepping for the G7.”


The tweet is creepier than the description:

Matt’s post has a lot of priceless responses to this.

What’s disturbing is that this is plausible. OK, that’s just one of the reasons it’s disturbing. The fact that DOCTOR Jill isn’t smart enough to know that the optics of this are absolutely horrible kind of takes it up a notch. Because absurdity with this group always ends up in the bonus round, this all went down on the same day that Mr. DOCTOR Jill told a group of airmen in the UK that he keeps forgetting that he’s president.

At this point it’s just a race to see which dies first thanks to this debacle of a presidency: the Republic or my liver.

What do you think?

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