Joe Biden Says Campaign Lawyers Are Going To ‘Voter Registration Physicians’

Former Vice President Joe Biden made up a new title Monday claiming his campaign attorneys are reaching out to “voter registration physicians.”

“We have a whole group of lawyers who are going out to every polling, every voter registration physician in the states, the secretaries of state, making sure that they in fact have a game plan as to how they’re going to allow the voting to take place,” Biden said on MSNBC.

While Biden was likely dubbing secretaries of state, who oversee state elections as the “voter registration physicians,” the unclarity marks the latest in the presumptive Democratic nominee’s long continual series of campaign slip-ups. He often mixes up words and creates new phrases raising questions over his age and aptitude for office.

Earlier this month, Biden misused the word “woke” as describing “working class people in America” as being “awakened.”

In June, Biden said he is being “constantly tested” for cognitive decline, but the campaign refused several Federalist requests for the test results.

Get a rundown of the Biden’s best slip-ups here.

Meanwhile, the promise of nationwide mail-in voting for an election just more than 100 days away is already shaping up to be a disastrous spectacle. As states scramble to implement mass absentee voting systems in lieu of in-person voting for the first time, many are struggling to come up with bulletproof safeguards to protect the integrity of the elections. Recent primaries in New York showcase a “dark omen” for November where ballot-rejection rates hit 19 and 28 percent in certain parts of the city, according to the Wall Street Journal editorial board.

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