Joe Biden’s COVID HOTELS Plague the Border and Endanger the Whole Country

This week on C’Mon Now! I’m enraged about Joe Biden’s COVID hotels.

What’s a “COVID hotel”?

Well, last week Fox reported on the disturbing discovery of a motel in La Joya, Texas, where our government is secretly stashing illegal aliens who have COVID. Biden’s regime didn’t tell anyone in the state or local governments about this. They’re not quarantining them. It was discovered by the local police department, in a very popular burger joint right next to a major highway, because a whole group of the COVID+ migrants went to that burger joint, where they may have infected hundreds.

I’m mad about that and explain why in today’s show. When I shot this I also predicted that there would be more of these COVID hotels found. Sure enough, there’s word today that there may be another one. There may be many — it’s all been covered up by the Biden administration. Meanwhile, Biden’s attorney general is taking Texas to court to stop it from doing anything to keep its people safe. And…and…Biden’s bunch are trying to restrict American citizens from living our lives again, because COVID.

Watch the show and get as mad as I am about this.

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