Kenosha, Wisconsin Riots Turn Deadly After Two Victims Fatally Shot

Disclaimer: This post contains graphic footage.

The Kenosha riots turned deadly this week after gun shots reportedly rang out amid the chaos Tuesday night, killing two and leaving one in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, according to Kenosha police.

While several names identifying the victims and shooters have circulated around social media, the police department said the investigation remains ongoing and victims’ details are “still being determined.”

Several on-the-ground reporters however, have provided footage chronicling the messy events of the third night of militant demonstrations wreaking havoc on the blue-collar Wisconsin city destroying cars, burning businesses and terrorizing the community.

Here’s a Twitter thread put together by The Blaze TV’s Elijah Schaffer:

Here’s another from Daily Caller media reporter Shelby Talcott covering her colleague, Richie McGinniss, running into gunfire to give support to the victim. Throughout the night, Talcott published footage of tension escalating between the armed militants prepared for a gunfight.

The shootings in Kenosha come on the third night of the city’s unrest following the Sunday police shooting of Jacob Blake. On Tuesday, Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers declared a state of emergency, but refused full federal support from the national guard. Just hours later, the state’s major cities suffered under mob rule in both Kenosha and Madison.

Tuesday night’s shootings increase the summer riot death toll to at least 32 people who have lost their lives in protests, which corporate media has reported as “mostly peaceful.” In Portland, mob anarchists continued their 90th consecutive day of terror while Kenosha was turning violent.

Here’s some more footage of the carnage in Kenosha this week:

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