Left-Wing Website Takes a Stand Against Kids’ ‘Climate Anxiety’

It’s infuriating what the left wants to do to their kids — and ours. From pushing children into the LGBTQ (and sometimes Y) cult to telling kids that they’re oppressors or oppressed based on the color of their skin, the left wants to ruin childhoods in the name of The Narrative™ and create little lifelong leftists.

And then there’s the whole climate change nonsense. The left has cultivated what’s now being called “climate anxiety” in kids whom they’ve told that we’re running out of time to save the planet from sure destruction.

It’s a real problem for kids, and even as experts talk about how “real” climate change is, there’s plenty of advice out there on how to help your kids cope with the idea that they’re not long for this earth because the earth itself is not long for this earth.

One article from the Child Mind Institute (which sounds like the perfect place for leftists to have their questions answered) suggests that parents “acknowledge how they’re feeling” and “balance validating the fear with belief in the child’s bravery,” although it’s really hard for me to imagine any of the children I know getting too worked up about climate change.There’s some pushback on climate anxiety from a surprising place: the condescending left-wing news-explainer site Vox. Kelsey Piper has written a piece there suggesting that parents and teachers back off on telling kids that the end is nigh. But first, she takes care to reinforce her leftist bona fides by going all in on climate change.

“As I’ve written about before, climate change is going to be bad, and it will hold back humanity from thriving as much as we should this century,” she writes. “It will likely cause mass migration and displacement and extinctions of many species.”

“What it won’t do, however, is make the Earth unlivable, or even mean that our children live in a world poorer than the one we grew up in,” she adds.

Piper cites a 2021 study that demonstrates that climate pessimism for kids, as made famous by Greta Thunberg, is on the rise. Too many young people believe that their future is limited because the planet is in peril, and Piper sees this as a problem.

As an alternative, Piper suggests that parents enable their kids to make a difference.

“I think it’s essential to empower kids and pass along the message that the world will be in their hands, that they will have the power to solve its most pressing problems, and that there are lots of people already working on those problems who are eager for kids to learn, grow, and join us,” she writes. “Fighting climate change is part of that, and it’s important and worthwhile, but not because there will be no world for children to live in when they grow up.”

That’s an admirable way to look at a lot of issues, but what’s most worthwhile about Piper’s approach — whether you’re on board with the green agenda or not — is not scaring the crap out of our kids in the name of politics.

Thank you, Kelsey Piper. Now do another one, this time about not planting gender propaganda into the heads of our children.

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