Media Hails Harris As ‘Moderate,’ ‘Centrist’ Although Her Voting Record Is Further Left Than Bernie Sanders’s

California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris re-entered the 2020 presidential race Tuesday when former Vice President Joe Biden declared Harris his running mate this fall.

“I have the great honor to announce that I’ve picked @KamalaHarris – fearless fighter for the little guy, and one of the country’s finest public servants – as my running mate,” Biden revealed on Twitter.

Immediately following the long-anticipated announcement, legacy media leaped to cover Harris as a “pragmatic moderate” in the same center-left lane as the main man on the ticket, who is by no means a moderate to begin with, further evidenced by his left-wing lurch since securing the Democratic nomination. One must only ask former primary rival Vermont socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, who celebrated that Biden would be the “most progressive president since FDR” following the completion of the “Unity Task Forces” platform hammered out between the two men’s campaigns. Biden emerged endorsing a litany of hard-left proposals.

“Breaking News: Sen. Kamala Harris of California is Joe Biden’s pick for vice president. A pragmatic moderate, she is the first Black woman on a major party ticket,” The New York Times wrote on Twitter, doubling down on the descriptor in the article. “A pragmatic moderate who spent more of her career as a prosecutor, Ms. Harris was seen throughout the vice-presidential search as among the safest choices available to Mr. Biden.”

It’s quite a label from the same paper that described Harris in her candidate profile as “indicative of how Democrats have broadly moved to the left.”

Other outlets quickly followed suit.

“In adding Harris to the ticket, he can point to her relatively centrist record on issues such as health care and her background in law enforcement in the nation’s largest state,” the Associated Press reported.

“Kamala Harris’ centrist record contributed to Biden pick,” the Detroit News headlined the AP’s report.

CNBC captured the media’s skewed perception, writing that Harris is “widely considered a moderate.” While in this case CNBC isn’t wrong, the perception is.

Harris is as left as they come, and is certainly no more moderate than Biden. She’s not even in the same lane, or the next one over. Not even by a long shot.

Name just about any item on the socialist Democrat wish list and Harris is behind it. She’s co-sponsored Medicare for All, backed the Green New Deal, pushed for higher taxes, called for open borders, defended sanctuary cities, demanded taxpayer-provided health care for illegal aliens, promoted late-term abortion, and endorsed a religious litmus test on Catholic nominations to the judiciary. If any of the above items on a candidate’s platform qualifies as the label of a moderate, it not only illustrates how far left the Democratic Party has pulled itself over its drawn-out primary, but it provides a substantial testament to extremism breeding extremism in an age of historic polarization.

According to Voteview, which tracks the ideological voting records of individual senators, Harris is the farthest-left Democrat of the upper chamber, second to only Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Culturally, Harris fares no more moderately. While far more difficult to calculate, Harris, a California leftist with a long history of engaging in the culture wars, will no doubt serve as an extension of Biden as the vehicle of the left’s cultural revolution. At 77-years-old showing real signs of cognitive decline, a potential Biden administration promises to operate as Harris one in disguise, with Biden acting as little more than a figurehead.

Throughout the primary, Harris spent more time waging a war on Twitter to ban President Donald Trump than she did defending her abysmal record as California attorney general, a vulnerability Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard wasted no time going after in the second prime-time debate. More on that here.

Harris has praised The New York Times’ anti-American “1619 Project,” dodged questions on defunding the police without ruling it out, and charged Trump as someone who “empowers white supremacists.”

If nothing else would be undeniably clear following the months-long Democratic primary that featured more than 20 major candidates, it’s that Harris was by no means a member of the moderates. When covering a race that came down between left versus more left, however, legacy media misreported those who merely rejected the “socialist” label as ample evidence to deceptively place their candidacy in the moderate lane.

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