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More Trouble for Biden as More Disgusting Tweets Are Found

It would appear that no one on Biden’s hiring team doesn’t do much if any background checking except to see if they are a registered Democrat and a Trump hater.

Proof of this comes as the second staffer, and this time a high-profile one has been found with less than admirable tweets and messages on their phone in as many weeks.

Last week, Sara Pearl, a supervising videographer was found to have made very derogatory tweets aimed at police. Pearl had said that cops were not “pigs,” as many such as anti-police activist and former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick repeatedly refers to them as. Instead, they were worse than that, as pigs “are highly intelligent and empathetic animals who would never racially profile you.”

Pearl has also made numerous calls to defund the police both nationally, and in her home town of Buffalo, citing that they are “monsters.”

Comments such as these were made a mere month before the Biden campaign hired her.

Naturally, her tweets were soon deleted, and no comments were made by the campaign about her whatsoever. But Pearl isn’t a top staffer and certainly not very high up on the seniority list.

Kamau M. Marshall is. And his tweets, though of a very different variety, are even worse.

Marshall is Biden’s head of strategic communications and, as such, has been on Team Biden since April of 2019, which is, clearly, long enough to realize the more social faults that one might have or be prone to on social media.

No, Marshall is calling cops worse than pigs. Instead, his tweets refer to women as the lesser sex and one that must “know her place.” And the tweets of this nature go all the way back to 2011.

Take one of the first instances of his misogynistic comments, for example.

It was made on Christmas Eve 2011 and said, “Even though I like power women… I need her to know her place… meaning I (wear) the #pants…iight.”

Not even a full month later, his opinion of women was even less. “Are all women crazy???? Lol no offense ijs (I’m just saying).”

Then in 2012, we have some sexual innuendos… “Nice guys finish last because they make sure their girl comes first.”

Later in the year, we get things like “I disagree – I try not look at *** or impress *** Personally speaking – I enjoy the challenge & I only look & talk to CLASSY Women.”

Well, well, then. I wonder what makes up a “CLASSY” woman.

In 2013, he continued the theme of only liking “CLASSY” women. “It’s unattractive when a girl doesn’t act classy & does not know how to control her feelings.”

Yes, because tweeting out your ire for not so classy women is proof you have your “feelings” entirely under control. Not.

And if you’re not classy, all you “sour, angry women” better “Keep your distance… Don’t take it out on the next man.”

Then again, just so long as you make yourself look good and go all out for him, you can have whatever you want… “As long as my woman looks good & turns me on..she pretty much can have whatever she wants from me.”

All except those “feelings,” you know… Because they have to be kept under control…

Jeepers creepers. It’s a wonder this man has ever even found a woman not only good enough for him but who will also take him. He might as well turn to the other sex if plans on getting any attention.

But that’s unlikely to happen as it appears, Marshall is also quite anti-gay.

One phrase that often appears on his Twitter account is “no homo,” which is typically used when someone makes a comment that could sound gay but wants everyone to know they aren’t.

One example from Biden senior staffer: “Wood wakes everybody up…no homo but to many memories #hazing is bad smdh lmao.”

And yet, Marshall told PR Week, he doesn’t “have a regrettable career moment.”

Yeah, well, now that this is out, he might. Furthermore, Biden might have yet another regrettable career moment.

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