My Slow Conversion to ‘Existential Crisis’ Mode for Election 2020

Fine, I’m In

Throughout my entire voting life I’ve never viewed a presidential election as a watershed event in my American life. Any American life. We do this every four years, after all.

At least we have so far.

I have been a political activist for most of my adult life, so I had a very pragmatic approach to dealing with losses for my side in presidential elections. If the Democrat won the presidency the only thing I could do was wake up the next day and begin working on that not happening four years later. Given the power of incumbency, that doesn’t always work out well, obviously. Still, it’s a proactive coping mechanism.

Whiskey helps too.

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This attitude has gotten me through a presidential voting record of about .500. It’s also kept me from fretting too much during the lead-up to an election.

Well…it’s 2020 and I find myself experiencing the occasional sense of foreboding about the choice that the Republic faces this November.

There are two aspects of this election that trouble me. The first is the now nonstop “mostly peaceful” protesting that’s going on in America. Things have only gotten out of hand in cities that are run by Democrats. The elected Democrats in riot cities have all but donned antifa masks and lobbed Molotov cocktails themselves. The rioters have been emboldened by the actions of the Democrats in charge, especially by the way they’ve denigrated and kneecapped local law enforcement.

Democrats have embraced all things about Black Lives Matter without question or reservation. At its core, BLM is a violent Marxist anti-cop movement. It has been able to thrive because the Democrats in the cities where it does give it institutional support.

It’s bad enough having this happen in blue municipalities and states. BLM will run amok if the Democrats take over the Senate and White House in November. There will be no peace even if the preferred candidate of the unhinged Left wins. BLM is fueled by blood lust, not a desire for justice. A Biden-Harris presidency and a Schumer Senate will — to borrow a favorite word of the lefties — “normalize” BLM.

An even bigger worry is the fact that Joe Biden is, as has been noted by many, a Trojan Horse for the progressive commies to get into the White House.

The progressives have been very successful in taking over the Democratic party. A fringe minority now exerts almost total control over even those Democrats who still insist that they are moderate.

All of the progressive candidates who ran for the Democratic nomination failed, however.

Joe Biden’s complete mental decline has given them a second chance.

There is no one on either side of the aisle who believes that Grandpa Gropes is going to be president for very long if he wins in November. Kamala Harris may be president before Biden can finish his first hundred days. The progressives will be able to make a woman so loathsome even to her own party that she didn’t even make out of 2019 in the Democratic primary the President of the United States.

Once she is in, there is no walking back the socialist havoc she will wreak upon this country.

So yeah, I think there is a lot more at stake in this election.

And there’s a lot more whiskey on hand here in the Kruiser Bunker.

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