New Evidence of Biden’s Role in the FBI Raid of Trump’s Home

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly insisted that no one in the White House (from Joe Biden all the way down) was involved in the investigation of Trump or was aware of the raid of his Mar-a-Lago home. Echoing the same bogus excuse employed by the Obama administration, she claimed that the White House learned of the raid through media reports.

This turned out to be a complete lie. Weeks after the raid, memos were released proving that the Biden administration coordinated with the Department of Justice and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to launch a criminal investigation into Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents and to refute Trump’s assertions of executive privilege.

“On April 11, 2022, the White House Counsel’s Office—affirming a request from the Department of Justice supported by an FBI letterhead memorandum—formally transmitted a request that NARA provide the FBI access to the 15 boxes for its review within seven days, with the possibility that the FBI might request copies of specific documents following its review of the boxes,” Acting National Archivist Debra Steidel Wall wrote to Trump’s lawyers back in May.

The letter proved that Joe Biden was instrumental in enabling the FBI to raid Trump’s home.

Despite the evidence, the White House still claims it was in the dark. But Judge Aileen Cannon’s order pausing the investigation of Trump and authorizing the appointment of a special master to review the documents taken from Trump’s home shines new light on Joe Biden’s involvement.

On April 12, 2022, NARA notified Plaintiff that it intended to provide the Fifteen Boxes to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) the following week [ECF No. 48 p. 5]. Plaintiff then requested an extension on the contemplated delivery so that he could determine the existence of any privileged material [ECF No. 48-1 p. 7]. The White House Counsel’s Office granted the request [ECF No. 48-1 p. 7]. On May 10, 2022. NARA informed Plaintiff that it would proceed with “providing] the FBI access to the records in question, as requested by the incumbent President, beginning as early as Thursday, May 12. 2022” (ECF No. 48-1 p. 9]. The Government’s filing states that the FBI did not obtain access to the Fifteen Boxes until approximately May 18, 2022 (ECF No. 48 p. 7].

So, despite the denials of the White House and Biden himself, Cannon’s order proves that Biden requested that the NARA documents be given to the FBI — which means he was absolutely aware of the investigation and used his power as president to assist in that investigation.

“I didn’t have any advance notice,” Biden said last month when asked about the raid. “Zero. Not one single bit.”

Biden probably didn’t know when the raid would take place — but the White House didn’t merely claim that Biden was unaware of the timing of the raid; they specifically insisted that Biden had zero involvement whatsoever in the investigation.

“When it comes to law enforcement matters, investigation, the Department of Justice has complete, complete independence, and he has said that during his campaign. He has said that as president. We do not interfere. We do not get briefed. We do not get involved,” Jean-Pierre told George Stephanopolous on ABC News last month.

But that was a lie. He knew the FBI was investigating Trump, and he made it possible for them to get their hands on the documents — and Judge Cannon’s order is the latest proof of that.

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