NY Crime Soars as Budget Falls-It’s Out of Control

The Democrats in New York are moving quickly to remove funding from the police department. Liberals have long sought to undermine law enforcement at every level any way that they can.

The planted thought of defunding the police gave them the opportunity to put their wicked plan into action. They are shifting the money into youth and community programs with the hopes of keeping people from criminal activity. All they are going to do is give people something to do and enable them to commit crimes without fear of ever being caught.

The City Council stated that the “city’s 2021 budget will include $837 million in cuts and transfers to the New York Police Department (NYPD) expense budget, which removes $1 billion from the NYPD’s spending when combined with associated costs.”

This is one move that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supports since she hates the police with a passion. Ocasio-Cortez hates every officer because she cannot get away with criminal activity while they are watching her.

Even after the city removed $1 billion from the budget people were still crying that it was not enough. Corey Johnson who speaks for the council stated “The Council fought hard to get where we are, but I know this is just a starting point, not an ending point. We need to go farther. The budget agreement “was negotiated with a focus on police reform, youth services, and achieving equity, particularly for low-income communities of color.”

Joseph Borelli voted no on the budget stated that the city is just going to get more violent. He pointed out that there were 72 shootings in one week alone. He pointed out that not one of the shootings involved a police officer.

The police are not the problem. The problem is the Democrats that are making false claims and then acting on those lies. Mayor Bill de Blasio stated that “We must always have safety and we will in this city, but we are also going to amplify both safety and fairness by reaching our young people more deeply than ever before. And that’s what this budget is all about.”

New York is at a tipping point and it is going to tip in the direction of violence once the police are removed later this year.

The crybabies that are complaining that the move is not enough will not be happy until every cent is removed, and the police force is extinct. One such clown is Jawanza James Williams He groaned that “We are being gaslit. This movement is about so much more than the $1 billion, and this means they don’t understand what we’re saying.”

Of course, no one knows what the movement is about because it has changed from protest to destruction and terrorist activity.

The city is a liberal hub that is trying to navigate its way into socialism under Democrat control. Cory Johnson also stated that “To the thousands of New Yorkers who so admirably fought for budget justice over the past several weeks: we heard you and we stand with you. We recognize that the city must move away from failed racist policing policies of the past.”

That statement is so unfair to the many officers that are faithful and fair. Those that are setting up camp outside the City Hall are unrealistic and live in their world.

De Blasio has declared that the plan will affect the police by “a 1,200-person recruiting course set for next month has been canceled, school safety, crossing guards and homeless outreach will no longer be the responsibility of the NYPD, and overtime spending will also be curtailed.”

He also stated that it was his goal to keep the city safe. That certainly cannot happen when there is no one to engage the criminals or enforce the laws.

De Blasio believes that “We need to think differently about how we support young people in this city. We’ve made a lot of changes before but we need to go a lot farther. The NYPD is going to refocus on helping young people. Our young people need to be reached, not policed, reached.”

He is assuming that young people want to be reached. They will tell him what he wants to hear and completely do another thing. De Blasio and the other New York Democrats are living in a fake reality.

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