On Weekend Heading Into RNC, Pro-Trump Boat Parades Sweep Nation

Boat parades illustrating grassroots support for President Donald Trump swept the nation over the weekend before Republicans kicked off their online convention Monday to re-nominate the incumbent president.

In the absence of the president’s signature stadium rallies, Americans in at least 13 states from Idaho to New York organized boat parades featuring barges decked out in Trump memorabilia for an on-the-water celebration reminiscent of an Independence Day festival.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi told the Wall Street Journal of the sea celebration she participated in earlier this month. “It was just miles of boats, from huge boats to jet skis. And just so many people cheering and waving from the beach. I looked at it all and said, ‘This is the silent majority.’”

Whether a silent majority exists remain to be seen, and won’t be known until election day on Nov. 3. Without the signs of one that a conventional campaign could offer as they did in 2016, the boat parades have offered the Trump campaign at least some illustration of the grassroots support the president enjoys, even if they aren’t being picked up in the polls or the media.

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