People Magazine Caught Changing Defamatory Headline About Johnny Depp

I’ve been live-streaming the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial for the last week, eight hours a day. I’ve seen every minute of this court case (and some of it twice). Every day after court is out of session, I spend time on the stream checking the news results on Google. On Wednesday, something outrageous happened. As I was pointing out that People had published what could be viewed as a defamatory headline, they suddenly had a change of heart and inserted the word “allegedly” where it should have been in the first place…but wasn’t. If Depp’s team would like to use this video for the coming defamation suits against the media should Depp win this case, it’s all theirs.

Before an angry lawyer on Depp’s team probably called People and bawled them out for shoddy journalism, the headline read: “Amber Heard Gets Emotional After Testifying about the First Time Johnny Depp Hit Her.” But shortly after, the headline was updated to “Amber Heard Gets Emotional After Testifying About the First Time Johnny Depp Allegedly Hit Her.”

Take a look at the media manipulation and disinformation.

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After Amber Heard’s melodramatic testimony in court on Thursday, the trial is on recess for ten whole days. When it resumes, you’re invited to join me every day to see this thing to the bloody end. In the meantime, I promised viewers that I would do some group therapy streams to help us purge the negative energy we all absorbed this week and the trauma we suffered by sitting through this. Listening to Heard for two days left me, and many in the chat, with nausea and headaches. There is no question as to why Depp had to hide from this woman regularly. I just can’t believe he made it fifteen months when I could barely make it through two days of her company.

For the Perry Mason moment, check out this part of the testimony where Team Heard finally shows photos of their evidence. After telling the jury for hours that she was repeatedly punched in the face, thrown around the room, dragged by her hair, choked, raped, had her head slammed against bricks, beaten into unconsciousness, and slipped on and was dragged across broken glass while naked, these are the photos the defense provided. Don’t worry, they’re not graphic.

Before you watch the testimony that Heard gave, watch Dr. Curry tell you what she saw and then compare the two. Prepare to be amazed. “Histrionic personality disorder is sort of an overly dramatic presentation,” said Depp’s expert psychological witness who evaluated Heard. “We call this impressionistic speech. It tends to be very flowery, it uses a lot of descriptive words like magical, wonderful,” she said. “It can go on for quite some time and yet it really lacks any substance so at the end you’re left wondering what was just said.”

“It also represented the quick shifts you’ll see between emotion,” she said. “She’ll suddenly be one way and then she would become very animated or very sad and when people are displaying these emotions with this personality disorder there’s a sense of shallowness to it. People who are observing them will feel it’s almost play-acting.”

After watching Heard testify, my negative opinion of psychologists improved. Dr. Curry nailed it. Find out for yourself, but trust me when I tell you, you’re going to need group therapy afterward. I’ll see you in the comments section to help you through it.

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