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Permanent Immunity Happens to Infected People Provides Hope at Last

The debate over the infectious nature of the coronavirus continues to rage around the world. So-called “experts” all seem to have a different opinion on what the nasty bug is going to do in the months to come.

But several new reports are coming out from studies that look at people that beat the virus and it has been discovered that lasting immunity is present within each person.

The study, which needs peer-reviewed, maintains that mild cases had strong and permanent immunity to COVID-19. This report surely is going to take the wind out of the Democrat’s arguments about the severity and longevity of the virus.

They base their entire political existence on the agreement that the virus is still killing people, and everyone needs to stay in lockdown.

The report clearly shows that the human body keeps antibodies and immune cells that are fully able to recognize the nasty bug months after the person tested as cured. People are hoping that these new findings will be able to lead to a cure for the virus.

At least the concern whether or not the virus could trick the body so it can infect people again has been put to rest.

Marion Pepper is an immunologist with the University of Washington who wrote one of the papers. He stated that “This is exactly what you would hope for.”

Talk about a cheerful moment in the world of viral studies. The body is an amazing creation that can destroy even the most horrible of infections.

Pepper is stoked about how the studies have turned out and how people have developed their immunization to the sickness. He went on to say that “All the pieces are there to have a totally protective immune response.”

These pieces of information are what the Democrats want to keep hidden from people. This way they can promote fear and intimidation.

The wicked media does not want anyone to know the truth. They hide the facts that scientists have discovered the truth that the immune system remembers the things that it fights and destroys.

The body has been designed to protect itself and fight any viral infections. The news is extremely encouraging and is providing hope to the fearful.

President Trump has said all along that the virus will soon disappear. The precautions that people have done over the past several months have successfully quarantined the virus to just a small percentage of people.

The president’s methods of containment have been successful, and it gives him a major victory over the lying Democrats.

The body keeps on producing antibodies for every virus that invades the body. Every variation that a virus transforms into is attacked by the body’s immune system. Smita Iyer, is an immunologist at the University of California.

Iyer has stated that “This is very promising. This calls for some optimism about herd immunity, and potentially a vaccine.”

The logical path of the study demands to watch people that have the antibodies to see whether or not they are able to keep from getting sick again. The research on the virus is constantly changing. There is so much that is being discovered that new studies add a tremendous amount of insight that guides others in their studies.

The Democrats are the most dangerous group influencing the United States. They have a very dangerous agenda that would essentially destroy the country as it is known today.

Their major goal is to strip the freedoms from people and place them under subjection to an oppressive form of liberal socialism.

For the past four years, President Trump has stood in the gap and had kept the demoralizing Democrats from overrunning the country.

He has rolled back the regulations that the oppressive Obama placed people and organizations under. His rules on commerce and business almost strangled the American dream.

President Trump took on the Democrats and the media and has given them several knockout blows in the past four years.

His approach to dealing with the racist left and socialist nutcases has kept them off base and unable to function effectively. He has made America great again.

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