RNC Kicks Off With Patriotic Message Of Hope And Optimism In Stark Contrast With DNC’s Pandemic Nightmare

Republicans kicked off their virtual convention Monday night with a video montage previewing their message for the week, celebrating the American spirit and its ability to overcome adversity in the face of deep divisions. This was a sharp contrast from last week’s Democratic events blaming President Donald Trump for every tragic death from the novel Wuhan coronavirus.

The short video shown featured a narrator speaking poetically of this country’s values serving as a beacon of freedom and perseverance. It was a testament to American exceptionalism as a nation where all lives matter.

Determined by the shining light of our hopes and values and faith, a country where we are judged by our character with dignity and respect for all, the belief that all are created equal, that lives matter irrespective of race, creed, or color, committed to excelling beyond our dreams, limited only by our imaginations, where rugged individualism and American exceptionalism inspire the best in each of us, and when we see injustice to one, we act to fix it for all. This is our story. We journey together.

Democrats, on the other hand, wrapped up a four-day online convention last week that painted the bleak picture of an oppressive American empire sinking under the weight of a global pandemic that was all the evil Orange Man’s fault, while guns spontaneously combust into tragedy.

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